What I Look For In A Bunionectomy Procedure

Bradly Bussewitz DPM
10/16/12 | 3532 reads | 3 comments
There are three major considerations I utilize when evaluating surgical outcomes after a bunionectomy. First, the procedure must allow pain relief. Regardless of any radiographic success, if the patient continues to experience pain, the procedure has failed. Secondly, one must achieve deformity correction, acutely and chronically. Lastly, cosmetic improvement is expected by patients and is important in most deformity correcting surgeries. Read More.

How Young Surgeons Can Gain The Trust Of Their Patients

Bradly Bussewitz DPM
9/14/12 | 7196 reads | 3 comments
The Just For Men commercials are playing on the human psyche. Gray hair equates to experience while the hair color of a more youthful man must equate to vigor and enthusiasm. Is this true in medicine? There are obvious advantages to experience but there also must be advantages to youth, right? What are these advantages and how does one convey them to the patient and, perhaps more importantly, to oneself? Read More.

When To Change Your Surgical Hardware

Bradly Bussewitz DPM
8/13/12 | 3318 reads | 0 comments
We all have our favorite equipment for use during surgery and most of us probably use what we learned with during training with some variation. Do you ever question what is out there? Have you ever noticed your hardware is failing? Have you had screws or plates break, or do you routinely deal with non-unions? Do you ever struggle with plate sizing options or plate or screw profile? When do you decide to make a change? How do you make a change? How do you become comfortable with the new system? Read More.

Proactive Practice Growth Tips To Get The Patients You Want To Treat

Bradly Bussewitz DPM
7/13/12 | 3461 reads | 1 comments
I’m not done. That is to say, I’m not writing this implying that I have a thriving practice and my patient recruitment is complete. My intent is to share my methods and experience in my first 10 months of practice. For those just getting started, those looking to increase patient traffic or those making a practice move, the following may help. Read More.

Why Podiatry Needs Fellowships To Take Residents To The Next Level

Bradly Bussewitz DPM
6/14/12 | 6296 reads | 0 comments
The first stage in a young doctor’s career is medical school. I attended the College of Podiatric Medicine and Surgery at Des Moines University and really enjoyed it. Read More.