Does Man’s Best Friend Have A Place In Your Waiting Room?

Lynn Homisak PRT
2/11/13 | 3158 reads | 6 comments
What do dogs and feet have in common? Of course, there is the familiar whimsical reference (to feet) that has our patients complaining, “My dogs are barking.” Is that enough of a reason to believe that our four-legged friends belong in a podiatric medical office? Read More.

Establishing SMART Goals For 2013 And Beyond

Lynn Homisak PRT
12/11/12 | 2278 reads | 0 comments
When I think of direction, I am reminded of the story of Alice in Wonderland. If you recall, during her travels she arrived at a fork in the road. She stopped and looked around but didn’t know which way to continue. “What road do I take?” she asked Cheshire Cat, who happened to be sitting in a nearby tree. “Well,” said the Cat, “That all depends. Where is it that you want to end up?” “I don’t know,” replied Alice, to which the Cat responded, “Then it really doesn’t matter what road you choose.” Read More.

How A Positive Attitude At The Top Can Spur Staff Productivity

Lynn Homisak PRT
11/8/12 | 2829 reads | 0 comments
It is no secret that the attitude of one’s practice starts at the top with the doctor(s) and trickles down to staff. If the doctor walks into the office in high spirits, smiling and ready to take on the day, that positive energy transfers to his or her staff and then of course, to the patients. On the other hand, a grumpy entrance has a negative spiral down effect. Douglas McGregor (1906-1964), a social psychologist, defined two different models of management and how they can affect productivity outcomes. Read More.

What You Should Know About Employee Classifications

Lynn Homisak PRT
10/12/12 | 2953 reads | 0 comments
Too often, I find there is a huge misunderstanding about employee wage classification. Accordingly, this month’s blog provides a very narrow look into Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) rules that affect you as an employer. Compliance with the FLSA is something you should take seriously. In 2008, the Department of Labor recovered $220 million in back wages and employees are filing a record number of lawsuits under state and federal wage and hour laws. Read More.

Coping With Office Dynamics When The Doctor's Spouse Is A Co-Worker

Lynn Homisak PRT
9/13/12 | 3535 reads | 2 comments
Should spouses work in the office or shouldn’t they? Read More.

What Makes A Good Boss And A Bad Boss In Podiatric Practices?

Lynn Homisak PRT
8/7/12 | 3433 reads | 0 comments
Over the years, I have had the opportunity to work with two good DPM “bosses” but not every employee is as lucky as I was. Read More.

Are You Feeding The Cycle Of Success?

Lynn Homisak PRT
7/11/12 | 2852 reads | 0 comments
Have you ever felt like you were in a rut or stuck in a hole? If you have, then you know how quickly this feeling of helplessness feeds negativity, which in turn feeds complaining and pessimism until you find yourself so stuck that you have actually talked yourself into staying there because it is too much effort to climb out. This is typical of a downward negative cycle. Read More.

Are Foot Massages The Demise Of The Podiatric Profession?

Lynn Homisak PRT
6/7/12 | 5472 reads | 1 comments
Apparently, a foot massage is a very touchy subject so I thought I would throw it out there for discussion. I recently posted on Facebook about my dental appointment. During this appointment, the staff offered a paraffin treatment for my hands and … a foot massage while they cleaned my teeth. As a patient, I was blown away by their customer service and quite frankly, it did just what good marketing is supposed to do. I told 10 people who told 10 people, etc. Read More.

Why Your Practice’s Financial Success Is Tied To Staff Performance

Lynn Homisak PRT
5/1/12 | 3264 reads | 2 comments
In a recent article, George Taylor writes that he considers an engaged employee “an economic engine for your practice.”1 He makes a lot of interesting points that mirror ideas I firmly adhere to and advocate. That is, there is an undeniable link between well-trained, satisfied employees and the financial success of a practice. I wonder: if staff had CPT codes hung around their necks, making it easier for doctors to measure their productivity, would their efforts be more acknowledged and appreciated? Read More.