Kick The ‘Revolving Door’ Habit By Hiring Staff Who Will Flourish

Lynn Homisak PRT
12/12/13 | 1432 reads | 0 comments
Do you know what the cost of turnover is to your practice? If you calculate this, you probably wouldn’t be so quick to hire people just to fill a role without truly vetting their background, skills, strengths and weaknesses … or having a real conversation with them to learn more about their personality and attitude. That is where the problems start: with improperly conducted interviews. Read More.

Preventing Embezzlement In Your Office

Lynn Homisak PRT
11/14/13 | 1934 reads | 0 comments
I generally don’t get twisted up about the many office troubles I see. I acknowledge them, analyze them and help fix them. What I have noticed, however, is that every so often, the topic of embezzlement resurfaces, typically after another victim comes forward to tell his or her story. Read More.

Before Treating Their Feet, Try Walking In Their Shoes

Lynn Homisak PRT
10/17/13 | 2502 reads | 0 comments
Don’t your patients deserve an excellent treatment experience? Here are a few examples of providing an optimal environment for patients from the first moment they contact the office. On the phone. A unique thing happened to me the other day when I called a doctor’s office to make an appointment. I was a potential new patient; that should make me pretty special to them, don’t you think? “I’m sorry,” said the receptionist, “Dr. Mightierthanthou cannot see you until December 30th.” Read More.

Clearing The Path To Better Doctor-Staff Communication

Lynn Homisak PRT
9/11/13 | 4120 reads | 2 comments
My husband visited his chiropractor last week and relayed his interesting, yet not uncommon, experience. Read More.

How To Convert Wasted Time Into Saved Time

Lynn Homisak PRT
8/6/13 | 1941 reads | 0 comments
Have you ever thought about how some things you do waste instead of save your precious time? Sometimes, these disruptors are so commonplace that they happen without us even realizing it and yet they manage to mismanage our time and reek of inefficiency. I read that the average employee works for just 11 minutes before being distracted. Eleven minutes? It is no wonder we struggle to get things done. The following are just a couple of time-squandering culprits. How many do you recognize? Read More.

‘WHAT Did My Staff Person Say On The Phone?’

Lynn Homisak PRT
7/11/13 | 2209 reads | 1 comments
Have you ever heard something your staff person said on the phone that you wish you hadn’t? It amazes me that even though doctors willingly hand over their phone, such a critical practice tool, to their staff, they do so without making proper phone etiquette training a mandatory requirement for the job. Sure, everyone is familiar with answering the phone but that doesn’t mean they are qualified to do so. Read More.

What’s Stopping You From Conducting Employee Performance Reviews?

Lynn Homisak PRT
6/11/13 | 1494 reads | 0 comments
I am surprised at how many doctors do not conduct performance reviews. I am not surprised that these are the same doctors who struggle with low employee performance or poor behavior. Read More.

Remembering ‘Whatshisname’ When Treating Recurring Patients

Lynn Homisak PRT
5/10/13 | 1896 reads | 1 comments
Has this ever happened to you? You run into one of your patients outside the office and of course when you see him, you know who he is but his name temporarily escapes you. As he walks up to greet you, he confidently says, “Hello, Dr. Smith!” Although your brain goes into overdrive trying to search for a more personal response, the best you can do is, “Well, hi there … nice to see you.” Read More.

Treating The Symptoms And Consequences Of Poor Office Scheduling

Lynn Homisak PRT
4/12/13 | 2883 reads | 0 comments
Delayed schedule. Irritated patients. Late workdays. Costly overtime. Disgruntled staff. Stress. You don’t have to be Sherlock Holmes to figure out that something is wrong. All these signs are the classic symptoms of poor scheduling but that is only one diagnosis. Sure, patients expect backups … occasionally. However, when waiting becomes a repeat performance with no effort to fix it, all that good customer service your practice offers to romance your patients goes out the door along with the patient. Read More.