Back To Basics: How To Ensure Effective Offloading With Total Contact Casting

Ryan H. Fitzgerald DPM
11/21/11 | 5958 reads | 0 comments
I recently had the opportunity to speak at a dinner meeting to a group of wound care clinicians. During a question and answer session, the topic of discussion drifted toward the use of total contact casting (TCC). I asked the meeting participants to indicate, with a show a hands, how many of them were using this modality regularly in their practice. I was shocked to see that the number was less than 10 percent. Read More.

Beyond The White Coat: Seeing The ER From A Patient’s Perspective

Ryan H. Fitzgerald DPM
9/20/11 | 2279 reads | 0 comments
I recently had the opportunity to spend a long, anxiety-ridden day waiting in the emergency room in an unusual capacity: as the family member of a patient. As many of us, I spend a fair amount of time in the emergency room. However, I have learned that time spent in a professional capacity has a very different feel than time spent watching the clock, waiting for the nurse, the physician and the eventual “news.” Read More.

The Importance Of Being Earnest With Your Hand Hygiene

Ryan H. Fitzgerald DPM
8/19/11 | 3134 reads | 1 comments
For my inaugural blog, I wanted to touch on a subject that is so common for each of us in our clinical practice that it perhaps does not get the appropriate attention it deserves: hand hygiene. While this may seem rudimentary, recent statistics from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) demonstrate that healthcare workers are among some of the greatest offenders when it comes to effectively and consistently washing their hands.1 Read More.