Do Dilemmas Over DVT Prophylaxis Keep You Up At Night?

Christopher F. Hyer DPM FACFAS
12/12/11 | 6562 reads | 0 comments
As physicians, we try to do everything in our powers to heal and improve our patients’ quality of life. Medicine and surgery are part science/part art and some problems have no definitive answers. Deep vein thrombosis (DVT) prophylaxis and foot and ankle surgery is one of my top clinical dilemmas and one I actively discuss with colleagues, fellows and residents. I would love to hear the online community’s thoughts as well. Read More.

When The Science Of Surgery Becomes An Art

Christopher F. Hyer DPM FACFAS
11/9/11 | 3198 reads | 0 comments
What is the “art” of surgery? The term intimates there is a creative and constructive spirit to the practice. Obviously, an artist is one who is talented and skilled in the practice, and has some natural aptitude as well. True, both of these descriptions can apply to surgery as well so perhaps it is an art. Read More.

Publish Or Perish: The Importance Of Sharing Our Knowledge

Christopher F. Hyer DPM FACFAS
9/29/11 | 2900 reads | 0 comments
I attend a lot of foot and ankle specialty meetings throughout the year. I enjoy the academic stimulation and continuing to learn as well as the camaraderie with other professionals. What continues to puzzle me, however, is that we have many talented and experienced physicians who never publish or share their knowledge. Read More.

Why Fellowships Are Necessary In Podiatric Foot And Ankle Surgery

Christopher F. Hyer DPM FACFAS
9/12/11 | 4812 reads | 4 comments
Fellowship training is a bit controversial within podiatric surgery. Some see it as unnecessary and redundant. Others feel it marginalizes the role of residency training. I submit that both opinions are wrong and shortsighted. Let’s look outside of podiatry and review the role of fellowship training. Read More.

Why Is Podiatry Trying To Reinvent The Wheel?

Christopher F. Hyer DPM FACFAS
8/16/11 | 4302 reads | 5 comments
I am honored to contribute a monthly blog for Podiatry Today and have given my first topic much consideration. What should I write about? Should I discuss an interesting case presentation? Should I offer pearls for a complex reconstructive surgery? As I contemplate these possibilities, I am drawn to a potentially “hot potato” political topic, which I feel is vitally important to discuss. Read More.