Why It Pays To Ask Runners About Recent Shoe Changes

Jenny L Sanders DPM

Running shoe companies typically change their model numbers every year or two. For example, Brooks recently replaced the Addiction™ 8 with the Addiction™ 9.

Unfortunately, what running shoe companies and running shoe stores do not tell you is that many times when the model number changes, so does the shoe. This can spell disaster for the athlete as the shoe that had previously been successful starts to cause injuries once the model changes.

The image above compares the Addiction™ 7 to the Addiction 8 and one can easily see the differences in outsole width. There are also differences in upper design. I recently had a patient with a narrow foot who was pain free in the Addiction 8 but plagued with metatarsalgia in the Addiction 9 because it was so much wider. Once we changed the shoes, his pain resolved.

One of the questions podiatrists should get in the habit of asking their injured athletes is, “Have you recently changed your running shoes, including the model number?” If the answer is yes, you will want to explore this further as the best treatment plan may not work as well as expected if there is a problem with the fit of the shoe.

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