What Are The Best Athletic Shoes For Patients With Narrow Feet?

Jenny L Sanders DPM

Podiatrists are familiar with running shoe brands for wide feet with New Balance and Brooks being the most common. What about the narrow foot?

A narrow width for men is B and a narrow width for women is 2A. Although New Balance is the brand most podiatrists think of when recommending narrow widths, New Balance shoes tend to be too deep for most narrow feet. Although shoes often change with each successive version, the following shoes have stayed true to size for a while and are currently the best recommendations for narrow, shallow feet. They all have firm heel counters and firm medial ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA) for pronation control.

GEL Foundation® 9 (ASICS). This is the most narrow, shallow shoe on the market today.

Addiction™ 9 (Brooks). This shoe runs a close second and has the added bonus of no hourglass in the “waist” of the shoe.

Adrenaline™ 10 (Brooks). This shoe has a slight hourglass shape in the waist, but overall is a fine, narrow lasted shoe.

Narrow width running shoes are not always available in department stores or even specialty running shoe stores. For narrow widths, I recommend that patients order online. The sites www.zappos.com and www.endless.com are two of my favorites as they offer free shipping both inbound and outbound.


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