SALSAisms: Lingo From The University Of Arizona's "Toe And Flow" Service

David G. Armstrong DPM MD PhD

On our "toe and flow" service at the Southern Arizona Limb Salvage Alliance (SALSA), we often operate in close quarters. This has led to many appellations for and colloquialisms used by various team members. Here is a partial (and running) list:

1. Toe Bless Oblige: The obligation to improve foot care
2. Podshine
3. Der DopplerGanger: Referring to one's vascular partner
4. Sir I-Pod: International podiatrist
5. PodCaster
6. Toe Mechanic
7. Podiatric physician extender: Given to our vascular surgical team
8. SALSA Relay: Handing off a particularly challenging patient between SALSA team members
9. Non-life partner: One's professional SALSA partner
10. Marooned on the Pedal Peninsula: Trying to heal a wound on the foot without sufficient blood flow
11. Impaired Toemerular Filtration Rate (TFR): End Stage Renal Disease's ravages on healing
12. MalaPodism: Diagnosing a foot problem incorrectly or as something else
13. EuTOEpia: A state of podiatric and vascular bliss
14. Podtification: Contemplation on a particularly difficult patient
15. Podogenic: A particularly impressive foot photograph
16. Podigraphy: Medical imaging for the feet
17. Sole searching: A particularly thorough foot examination
18. Filet of Sole: The proper way to drain an extensive plantar space infection
19. Plantar fascist: One who resists? a team approach to limb salvage
20. Toereador: One who fights diabetic foot infections

There are many more. We will try to update this list periodically at Do you have any suggestions? Send a note to: or


Plantar fascist ? That is hysterical...

How about Toe-lio...the flexor contraction of the toes due to diabetic neuropathy

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