Praising The Diversity Of Topics At The ACFAOM Conference

Doug Richie Jr. DPM FACFAS

I recently attended the 2009 annual clinical conference presented by the American College of Foot and Ankle Orthopedics and Medicine (ACFAOM). This was an outstanding meeting which covered the key areas of podiatric medicine: biomechanics, diabetes and surgery. A stellar faculty included Robert Frykberg, DPM, Lee Rogers, DPM, John Steinberg, DPM, David Armstrong, DPM, PhD, Paul Scherer, DPM, and Marc Benard, DPM.

There was a heavy emphasis on biomechanics relating not only to active individuals but also to the management of the diabetic foot. It was impressive to see a wide range of topics that represent the common pathologies most deal with in everyday practice. Yes, in a typical day in the office, we commonly see an active middle-aged patient with plantar heel pain and in the next room see a diabetes patient with a severe foot ulceration.

Few conferences offer a comprehensive lineup of lecture topics that cover both the surgical and non-surgical approaches to the common conditions we see on a daily basis. Kudos to Jim Stavosky, DPM, and the entire ACFAOM Board for staging this meeting.

For those of you who missed this conference and would love to see similar content, I highly recommend the upcoming Prescription Foot Orthotics Laboratory Association Meeting, which will be held in Atlanta October 2-4, 2009. You can access the site for this conference at

I continue to use this blog to lobby for better content at podiatric seminars, which properly address the reality of current podiatric practice. Please give me feedback about whether you are learning what you need at the big meetings presented by our major organizations.


Dr. Ritchie,
Thank you for your wonderful endorsement of our seminar. A lot of hard work went into preparing the second annual seminar and we have learned a lot which will be applied to making the third one next October even better.

In addition to being a presenter, I also enjoyed the opportunity to listen to several of the tracks and try to learn something. In this case, the biomechanics track was excellent in that the presentations were geared to having pathology specific recommendations for orthotics. This is something that I was able to take back to my practice in utilize on Monday.

We greatly appreciate someone of your caliber coming out to lecture. Sincerely, Jason Harrill, DPM

I agree, Dr. Richie.

It is interesting that when you look at the requirements for the newest residency model, the CM&S-36, the ACFAOM Clinical Conference bests fits the educational needs of a person trained under that model. That conference offers a variety of topics on biomechanics, surgery, wound care, orthotic technologies and research. I am constantly amazed at this wonderful little gem.

Next year it will be held over the Halloween weekend at Disney World in Orlando, which is supposed to be quite an incredible spectacle.

I will definitely be there again.

Dr. Richie,

We would like to have a lecture at our next Kentucky Podiatry State Meeting in April 2010 with information on the NeuroTherm RF Generator. Please help me with information on who to contact about lecturing, and company exhibiting if they wish.

Thank you for all your help in the past with our KPMA organization.

Roger Lampkin DPM
phone: 270-753-0666

I want to correct myself. While it looked as though the ACFAOM conference in 2010 would be held around Halloween, it now looks as though it will be held in August instead. Stay tuned for more information.

While it will still be toasty outside, the conference topics will be cool, as Dr. Ritchie has indicated and I am told that the prices are expected to be unbelievably low.

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