Podiatric Dermatology: What Is Your Diagnosis?

Tracey Vlahovic DPM

Can you identify the condition shown in the photo on the left?

Often occurring after a strep throat infection, this inflammatory condition appears as colored plaques on the trunk and extremities. The condition most commonly occurs in individuals under the age of 30. The onset is sudden and, due to the extensive involvement, systemic drug eruption should be considered in the differential diagnosis. Many cases spontaneously resolve several weeks after onset.

What is your diagnosis?

• Plaque psoriasis
• Guttate psoriasis
• Pustular psoriasis
• Nummular dermatitis

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Editor’s note: This blog is adapted from the handbook, Skin Disease Of The Lower Extremities: A Photographic Guide, from Tracey Vlahovic, DPM, and Stephen M. Schleicher, MD. The book is now available for purchase at www.lowerextremityderm.com . The e-book version is now available for purchase at http://tinyurl.com/7ltt66v , http://tinyurl.com/7j44vez and http://tinyurl.com/cx32t9a .


Guttate psoriasis

guttate for sure

Yes, I agree with Debby. Guttate psoriasis.

Guttate psoriasis or rxn to antibiotic.

guttate psoriasis


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