Passing Along Recommendations To Patients For Orthotic-Compatible Sandals

Jenny L Sanders DPM

The most important consideration when making a custom orthotic for a sandal is to make sure the sandal that the orthotic will be going into has a removable foot bed. Next, the orthotic should be made specifically for the purchased sandal. In order to accomplish this, I have my patients purchase the sandal first and then send the sandal and the custom orthotic prescription to the lab for a precise fit of the orthotic into the sandal. If you order an orthotic first and then try to fit to the sandal after the fact, it rarely works.

The following brands offer styles of sandals with removable foot beds, which are readily available in retail stores and online.

NAOT Allegro Collection For Women and NAOT Scandinavian Collection For Men ($140-$170) ( ). This is my favorite orthotic compatible sandal brand with a whopping 43 different styles of sandals for women and six different styles for men. All styles have a removable foot bed. Women’s styles are available in medium and wide widths. Men’s styles are available in medium width.

Aetrex Sandalistas Customizable Sandals for Women and Men’s Sandals ($129.95) ( ). Women’s sandals are available in 22 styles and men’s sandals are available in three styles. Similar to NAOT, Aetrex carries a lot of styles, but at a more affordable price.

Finn Comfort ($200+) ( ). Finn Comfort is for those patients with a wide foot who don’t mind paying more for a sandal. Finn Comfort has fewer styles than Naot or Aetrex, but for the right patient, Finn Comfort is a great option.

Aravon by New Balance ($134.99)
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Aravon is one of the few sandals that is available in women’s narrow widths. Although the selection is limited, these sandals are a great choice for the narrow foot.

Many patients do not think about custom orthotics for sandals. However, during the summer, with more time spent outdoors and walking, sandal orthotics just make sense. Guiding your patients toward appropriate sandal styles and designs will improve patient adherence and satisfaction.

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