How Shoe Stretchers Can Help Your Patients Get A Perfect Fit

Jenny L Sanders DPM

Just like clothes, few shoes fit perfectly "off the rack." Most need some tailoring to fit.

Do your patients have bunions, hammertoes or other deformities that make shoes difficult to fit? If so, a shoe stretcher can help. Patients will often pay to have a single pair of shoes stretched, but you can teach them how to stretch all of their tight fitting shoes at home easily, safely and for a lot less money.

The first thing to determine is what type of shoe stretcher your patient needs. There are stretchers for high heels, stretchers for boots and stretchers for flats. There are shoe stretchers that raise the toe box area, raise the vamp area or make the forefoot wider. Shoe stretchers are available in multiple sizes, which range from the tiniest, tightest high heel to the biggest, widest military boot.

I stock an assortment of sizes and styles of shoe stretchers in my office whereas a shoe repair store offers only a limited selection. I purchase stretchers wholesale from Justin Blair & Company ( . ) Patients are both amazed and appreciative that I am able to provide this service for them.

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