How To Fix Squeaky Orthotics

Jenny L Sanders DPM

We learn in school that when an orthotic squeaks, sprinkling powder on the insole of the shoe before placing the orthotic in the shoe will eliminate the squeak. What do we do when this does not work?

I once received a referral from another podiatrist who had fabricated a pair of orthotics that were perfect in every way except for an annoying squeak. Frustrated after having tried powder to no avail, the podiatrist sent the patient to me. Fortunately, I solved the problem within minutes and I’m happy to report the formerly annoyed patient has since referred me at least 15 more patients, all because I was able to stop the squeak.

What’s the tip? Apply adhesive tape or moleskin to the underside of the distal end of the orthotic (see photo at left). The tape reduces the abrasion friction of the orthotic against the insole, eliminating the squeak. Should this fail to stop the squeak, then the likely cause is that the orthotic is too wide and one should narrow it to prevent it springing (squeaking) against the insole of the shoe.

Sometimes the simplest solutions can make the biggest difference.


Another great way to stop the squeak and deodorize your running shoes at the same time is to simply put a dryer sheet under the rearfoot post! Simple and effective!

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