How To Create A Morton’s Extension Splint For Acute First MPJ Injuries

Jenny L Sanders DPM

Our clinic treats a large number of athletes having sustained acute injuries of the first metatarsophalangeal joint (MPJ). To reduce first MPJ motion, we fabricate a Morton’s extension splint, which temporarily restricts motion to allow healing. This splint is easy to make, cost-effective and patients can use it with any shoe providing they wear socks.

The supplies you need are a 1-inch tubular Pedi-Foam Sleeve (Moore Medical) and 1/8-inch adhesive felt. Cut a length of Pedi-Foam Sleeve to extend 2 cm proximal to the first MPJ plantarly. Remove the dorsal two-thirds of foam, leaving sufficient sleeve width at the hallux to secure. Cut a 1/8-inch strip of adhesive felt to the plantar length of the splint and affix the strip to secure.

Our Morton’s extension splints are reusable and last for several weeks depending on activity.


This is great! I am going to make one today.

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