Give This Test To Screen Quality Job Applicants

Jenny L Sanders DPM

My office is currently hiring. Last year, I participated in a Q&A for Podiatry Today on hiring ( ).

One of the most effective and simple tools I use when hiring is an alphabetization test I discovered in Medical Economics ( ). For those of you who are not familiar with Medical Economics, there is a paid print subscription and free online access. The online version is filled with useful information on practice management, IT and finance.

The alphabetization test is the first thing I have applicants do when they apply for any position in my office. Surprisingly, even with rigorous resume pre-screening, fewer than 25 percent of the applicants score 85 percent or better on this test. Doing everything you can on the front end to ensure hiring success will save time, money and frustration in the long run. This easy screening test can do just that.

Once you are registered for Medical Economics, you can find the test here: .

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