Can A Shoe Lift Ease Back Pain From CAM Walkers?

Jenny L Sanders DPM

Low back pain represents 2.3 percent of all physician visits and about one-fourth of U.S. adults reported having low back pain in the past three months.1 Podiatrists routinely immobilize their patients with controlled ankle motion (CAM) walkers. These walkers inevitably contribute to limb length inequality, resulting in low back pain.

Even Up™ is a patented shoe lift device that minimizes back strain due to cast immobilization. One can easily apply Even Up externally to a shoe and the device can accommodate a wide variety of shoes.

Patients can order directly through the company website or you can order for them and dispense Even Up from your office. Either way, patients appreciate having this leveling option available to them.


1. Deyo RA, Mirza SK, Martin Bl. Back pain prevalence and visit rates: estimates from U.S. national surveys, 2002. Spine 2006; 31(23):2724-7.


I always attempt to level the hips when dispensing a CAM walker with both shoe choice (a running shoe with standard heel height), and fine tuning with a heel lift. I have found this has been made much easier by the use of the Ovation Medical CAM walker. It has the lowest profile of all the ones I have tried.

The Evenup has been a good device and over the years, we have had many suggestions on other uses. Some physicians have cut the heel or the forefoot portion out to reduce pressure on those respective areas.

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