Bolstering Heel Pain Therapy And Patient Adherence At Home

Jenny L Sanders DPM

The treatment of plantar fasciitis not only depends on in-office modalities but also on patients doing exercises on their own. With a new patient-friendly kit, patients can continue the healing at home. Thera-Band and Biofreeze are trusted brands in the podiatric and rehabilitation community. Now the Hygenic Corporation offers both in a new kit, the First Step To Foot Relief, specifically designed to treat plantar fasciitis. The great thing about First Step To Foot Relief is that patients can use it as a home physical therapy treatment or as an adjunct to a prescribed physical therapy treatment. The kit is all-inclusive and contains multiple products. • Thera-Band Foot Roller. This facilitates cold therapy and massage. • The 5-foot Thera-Band Red Professional Resistance Band. Patients can use this resistance band to increase strength, function and mobility. • Biofreeze Roll-On. This gives patients temporary relief from foot pain. Patients can use the product’s roller ball to directly massage the plantar fascia. My office has been using First Step To Foot Relief kits for the past year with impressive results and excellent patient adherence. At a patient cost of $30 per kit, First Step To Foot Relief kits are affordable and effective. You can find additional information about this kit and other Thera-Band resources at .

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