Are You Feeding The Cycle Of Success?

Lynn Homisak PRT

Have you ever felt like you were in a rut or stuck in a hole?

If you have, then you know how quickly this feeling of helplessness feeds negativity, which in turn feeds complaining and pessimism until you find yourself so stuck that you have actually talked yourself into staying there because it is too much effort to climb out. This is typical of a downward negative cycle.

For example, if we don’t care what we eat or drink, we go with whatever is easy, available or tempting, not necessarily nutritious. Without proper nutrients, our body functions poorly, we tire easily and do not have the energy or the motivation to exercise. This fatigue feeds the “couch potato” syndrome (and “the munchies”) so we consume more processed foods and indulge not only our habitual cravings, but the negativity we have created. Before you know it, we are candidates for meds, weight gain and heart attacks.

Running, on the other hand, is an example of a positive cycle. It releases endorphins and this improves your attitude. It beckons you to eat right, drink more water, take vitamins and leads to mental and physical rewards (a stronger heart, reduced health risks, shed pounds, etc.). Running motivates you to stay in the upward “cycle of success.” I can attest to it. My total cholesterol has dropped 70 points and my triglycerides are down 170 points.

It is no different with your practice. Too many times, doctors close their minds to proven success strategies that can take them to the next level. Stay in the rut and nothing will ever change. In fact, things can get worse. Be open to new ideas, adopt new habits and you can create a positive environment that will feed new life into your practice. Plus, your enthusiasm and energy will intrinsically ignite a more inspired and engaged staff, which will result in their increased energy and productivity.

So whether your goal is to run a marathon or a more successful practice, it is all in your hands. How has the cycle of success affected your practice?

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