A Closer Look At The Roles Of Advanced Therapies Within The Wound Healing Spectrum

David G. Armstrong DPM MD PhD

There has been a consistent request for some clarity on where various classes of wound healing modalities may fit along a timeline. Rather than adhere to a "one size fits all" concept, more clinicians have moved toward a multimodal approach. However, there is a variety of questions when it comes to optimal use of these modalities to help ensure optimal outcomes.

What is the role of ultrasonic debridement? When should you apply topical synthetic growth factors? Can stem cell therapies have an impact? When should you consider split thickness skin grafting or the use of bioengineered tissue in facilitating wound closure?

In order to address some of these questions, we offer a review of the current research on these modalities with “The Wound Healing Spectrum: A Timeline For The Utilization Of Advanced Technology,” which was just published in the online publication, The Journal of Diabetic Foot Complications. See http://jdfceditors.wordpress.com/2009/09/30/the-wound-healing-spectrum-a-timeline-for-the-utilization-of-advanced-technology/.

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