Assessing The Potential Impact Of HBOT For Your Practice

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Jay G. Levine, DPM, and Bernie Chowdhury, BA, CHT

   Equally important, HBOT practitioners should be providing and defining procedures and documentation critical for insurance reimbursement, and working with your facility’s billing department on procedures to avoid pitfalls and ensure that everyone gets paid for services. As changes to the healthcare system continue to emphasize cost reduction, improved patient outcomes, and other quality-of-care related activities, you will need to focus on achieving accreditation for your center. The Joint Commission recognizes the UHMS accreditation.

   If you are going to work with a contract provider, part of the due diligence is ensuring the provider has a proven track record in setting up and achieving accreditation. Without that, you will end up doing the considerable amount of work yourself to achieve accreditation and will likely spend far more time and money on the effort than you would with a good, experienced partner in hyperbaric medicine.

   Dr. Levine practices in Nanuet, N.Y. He is the Co-Director of the Wound and Hyperbaric Institute and the Chief of Podiatric Surgery at Good Samaritan Regional Medical Center in Suffern, N.Y.

   Mr. Chowdhury has been a CHT since 2004. He is the Training Director for the Life Support Technologies Group, is part of the faculty for the Introduction to Hyperbaric Medicine course, and has helped run one of the group’s nine hyperbaric units. Mr. Chowdhury is known internationally for his top-selling, non-fiction book, The Last Dive.

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