Permeates And Penetrates

Looking for a more durable antifungal medication that can give your patients better penetration?
You may want to consider Loprox Topical Suspension (TS), a new antifungal medication from Medicis. According to Medicis, the cream- based Loprox TS permeates the skin’s cracks and crevices and does not rinse off after vigorous washing and rinsing in warm water.
The company says you can use Loprox TS to treat large or hairy areas of the skin. The new cream is available in 30 and 60 mL sizes.
Company: Medicis
Product: Loprox Topical Suspension
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Dress Them Up
If your patients suffer from chronic or acute wounds, you may want to check out the newest dressing on the market.
New from Johnson & Johnson Wound Management, the Nu-Derm Alginate Wound Dressing consists of a high G (guluronic acid) alginate and carboxy methyl cellulose (CMC) fiber to create a moist and comfortable wound healing environment. According to the company, the dressing provides excellent absorbent capacity that translates into fewer dressing changes while the hydrophilic gel facilitates a moist wound healing environment.
You can use the Nu-Derm dressing to treat moderate to heavy exuding chronic wounds, including pressure ulcers, venous ulcers, arterial ulcers and diabetic ulcers, the company notes.
It says you can also use the dressing to control minor bleeding in superficial acute wounds, as it is indicated for abrasions, lacerations, donor sites and postoperative wounds.
Company: Johnson & Johnson Wound Management
Product: Nu-Derm
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A Break-Out Device
Traditional methods of removing broken hardware within bone can be potentially disastrous.
To remedy this problem, Biopro Corporation has introduced its latest product, the Break-Out screw extractor system. According to Biopro, the new disposable extractor enables you to remove fractured cannulated hardware from the inside, simply, by applying the power in reverse or hand turning it counterclockwise.
Two sizes are currently available. The small Break-Out removes up to 4.0 mm of the smallest cannulated screws. The large Break-Out removes screws ranging from 4.0 mm to 7.3 mm in diameter.
Biopro says the extractors include an elongated trocar tip that allows surgeons to burrow through debris and bone within the fragment’s cannula. The device’s gradual flare offers reverse cutting fluids that lodge into the fragment’s inner cannula.
Company: Biopro
Product: Break-Out Screw Extractor
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Power Extraction
Are you looking for a portable nail dust extractor you can count on?
Well, you may want to check out the new Vortex Portable Battery Operated Nail Dust Extractor from Jan L. It includes a hose, foot control, on/off foot switch, high efficiency battery, a powerful vacuum motor and a patented Saba Sheath that surrounds the bur with vacuum.

According to Jan L, the Vortex charges in 12 hours and you can use it continuously for 40 minutes. The company adds that the machine uses batteries that do not require total discharging and adapts to any battery operated drill and plug-in types as well.
Company: Jan L
Product: Vortex Portable Battery Operated Nail Dust Extractor
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