A Silver Solution For Wounds

   More patients can utilize the proven benefits of silver, thanks to a new dressing.

   Melgisorb Ag releases a sustained amount of antibacterial silver for up to four days, according to the manufacturer Mölnlycke Health Care. The company says the non-woven dressing is composed of alginate with carboxymethyl cellulosic (CMC) fibers, which limit maceration to the wound due to low lateral wicking.

   The company notes that Melgisorb Ag is designed for moderate to heavily exuding wounds and tests have shown that it absorbs 45 percent more than the leading silver dressing.

   Mölnlycke also says the dressing inactivates wound related bacteria in four hours. In addition, the dressing is effective for patients with post-op surgical wounds, pressure ulcers and diabetic ulcers, according to the company.

Company: Mölnlycke Health Care
Product: Melgisorb Ag
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Help Patients Assess Diabetes Risk At Home

   As diabetes rates continue to rise, potential patients now have an option to test themselves for the disease.
The Biosafe Diabetes Risk Assessment is the only home diabetes test with FDA approval, according to the manufacturer Biosafe Medical Technologies.

   The company notes the two-part test consists of an immediate fasting glucose reading and a mail-in laboratory analysis for hemoglobin A1c, a blood glucose marker for the previous 90-day period.

   The company says the combined results of those tests can indicate diabetes or pre-diabetes.

Company: Biosafe Medical Technologies
Product: Biosafe Diabetes Risk Assessment
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Relief From Pain

   A new pain reliever can give patients a break from various types of pain.

   The Relief topical analgesic can offer long-lasting relief from chronic or acute pain, according to the manufacturer Corganics. The company notes the OTC product can help salve the pain from conditions including diabetic neuropathy, plantar fasciitis and arthritis.

   Relief’s ingredients include menthol, L-arginine and essential oils, notes the company. Corganics adds that the Relief absorbs quickly and works with ultrasound and massage.

Company: Corganics
Product: Relief
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Locking Ankles In Place

   An ankle brace is now available with a more secure fit.

   The Strap Lok ankle brace comes with a fully adjustable top strap for a more secure fit for patients and a more stable ankle, according to the manufacturer Swede-O.
The brace is made of a ballistic nylon that the company says is both lightweight and durable.

   The Strap Lok also has an offset panel that traps the laces between the inner and outer panels. Swede-O says this holds the laces tighter. The company notes the brace also has eyelets that are spaced close together in order to lock the heel in place.

   Swede-O adds that the brace has a full elastic back for less blistering as well as a seamless arch to help prevent arch irritation.

Company: Swede-O
Product: Strap Lok
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