Cool Cover

Cool Cover

A new bootie can offer cold therapy for patients suffering from various conditions.
The NatraCare Cold Therapy Bootie has three pockets that allow patients to place cold packs around the heel, ball of the foot or the top of the feet, according to the manufacturer GelSmart/ PediFix.
The company says the booties can help ease chronic heel pain, Achilles tendonitis and low ankle sprains. In addition, patients can get relief from inflammation due to arthritis and strains from minor sports injuries. The company says patients can refrigerate or freeze the product, which is washable and reusable. NatraCure is available in two sizes and can fit most patients, according to the company.

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Get Around Easier

Patients on crutches now have more control over their movements.
The SW-500 is a steerable crutch substitute that combines stability with maneuverability, according to the manufacturer Roll-A-Bout. As the company notes, the product has dual brakes, two-piece knee and ankle cushions, a wire basket and even a cup holder.
Roll-A-Bout says the SW-500 is adjustable without tools for left or right leg injuries, and is lightweight enough to lift into the trunk of a car. Roll-A-Bout says the crutch substitute can accommodate patients who range in height from 5’ to 6’4”, and those weighing up to 500 pounds.

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More Stable Ankles
Those who need extra ankle support may find it in a new ankle stabilizer.
The ASO® EVO ankle stabilizer has stabilizing straps and a dynamic cuff, according to the manufacturer Med Spec. The company says the straps and cuff incorporate stirrups, a figure-eight heel lock and circumferential closure.
The company says the cuff and straps work together to increase the circumferential compression around the distal tibiofibular joint while the stabilizing straps restrict inversion or eversion of the calcaneus.
Med Spec says podiatrists can utilize the ASO EVO to help treat ankle injuries and reduce the severity of future ankle injuries. 

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Easing Neuropathic Pain
Patients can now use a new neuropathy medication as a monotherapy or in combination with other treatments to help relieve pain.
Zostrix® Neuropathy Cream utilizes 0.25% purified natural capsaicin, which is the strongest concentration of capsaicin on the market, according to the manufacturer Health Care Products. The company notes that the product’s lidocaine base helps patients tolerate the high capsaicin concentration.
Health Care Products notes that Zostrix is effective for continued use to help relieve localized neuropathic pain. The company adds that the cream, available in 2-oz. tubes, has a low risk of systemic side effects, drug interactions and adverse events.

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Ensuring Compliance And Healing

A new boot uses a total contact cast to help facilitate offloading while patients heal.
The Assurance Boot is designed for use with the TCC-EZ Total Contact Cast System, according to the manufacturer MedEfficiency. The boot has a combination locking top strap and the company says the fact that the cast is secured in the boot enhances patient compliance.
As MedEfficiency says, the boot uses a fishnet mesh technology in its one-layer cast. The outer shell provides support and stability for those with diabetic foot ulcers. One can periodically change the Assurance Boot for inspection of the wound or debridement, according to MedEfficiency.

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