Secrets To Motivating Your Staff

Lynn Homisak, PRT

Motivation does not always come wrapped in a dollar bill.Yet whenever the topic of “staff incentive” comes up, so does the topic of money. Even though I try to emphasize that it takes more than cold hard cash to incentivize staff, far too many physicians are unable to grasp this notion and keep reverting back to the bankroll in an effort to “buy” their staff ’s enthusiasm.
One survey, conducted by the late Kenneth Kovach, PhD, of the University of Maryland, found a significant disconnect between what employees actually want from a job and what managers think employees want. Kovach determined that while employers expect that money is the number one motivator, it actually ranks number five in the workplace among employees.
What are the number one and two motivators in the eyes of the employee? Interesting work and appreciation. Now that is not to say that money is not a type of incentive. It is just not the only or even the primary motivator.
Keep in mind that while good wages do not necessarily motivate staff, their absence can lead to dissatisfaction. Frederick Herzberg, PhD, also conducted similar studies more than 50 years ago and these studies illustrated that unless employees truly are underpaid, money is only a secondary concern.1

Brian Lee, a certified professional speaker and author, wrote of his experience with a woman who attended one of his seminars. This woman was convinced that she deserved to be paid at least $1,000 more a month. When Lee questioned if she would work any harder for that $1,000, she denied that she would. However, this did not change the fact that she still thought she deserved it.
Lee probed this same employee further. “If your boss really cared about you as an individual, kept you in the loop, told you how much he valued and respected your opinion and appreciated your work, then would you work harder?”
“Absolutely!” she said.
“A lot harder … wouldn’t you?” said Lee.2

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