Filling Bone Voids Like A Pro

Filling Bone Voids Like A Pro

A new implant not only fills bone voids but also preserves mobility.
Profil is a resorbable implant that consists of 100 percent beta-tricalcium phosphate (TCP), according to the manufacturer BioPro. The company says the high strength material can help preserve articular surfaces and permit natural bone healing.
BioPro says Profil achieves bone graft integration via osteoconduction. The product has bioactive material that permits long-term fixation, according to the company. It adds that Profil is available in granules or a syringe kit.
Company: BioPro
Product: Profil
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A Versatile Gel

A new advance in gel technology may benefit patients with a number of podiatric conditions.
M2Gel products can stretch without reinforcement, have thinner designs to fit in tight footwear and offer patient comfort, according to the manufacturers GelSmart and PediFix. In addition, the companies say the gel absorbs shock and shear forces, and can improve the appearance of scars. Physicians can also use the gel in some patients with diabetes, according to the company.
GelSmart and Pedifix say M2Gels are available in fifth digit corn sleeves; trimmable tubes; thin hallux and Taylor bunion pads; regular and unilateral toe crests; and metatarsal pads with easy-stretch toe loops and new thong-sandal spreaders.
The manufacturers also note that the toe and finger caps are the first engineered products with thin walls, thicker ends and a heat and moisture vent for comfort and protection.
Companies: GelSmart/PediFix
Product: M2Gel
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Take The Perfect Step
A recently created orthosis has the advantage of both softness and support.

The Perfect-Step has multiple layers of shock absorption as well as support via a semi-flexible, polyethylene derivative thermoplastic shell, according to the manufacturer Levy and Rappel. The company says the orthotic can minimize discomfort and let the patient walk naturally.
The Perfect-Step is low profile and can fit in various types of footwear, according to the company. Levy and Rappel adds that patients can wear the orthosis in various types of everyday activity.
Company: Levy and Rappel
Product: Perfect-Step
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Pass The Gauntlet
Several new ankle foot orthotic (AFO) designs may blend comfort with performance.

New AFO gauntlets available from Acor include the Ellet, the Cuyahoga and the Chagrin. The company notes that the gauntlets provide support and functionality that one needs to treat posterior tibial tendon disorder (PTTD), degenerative Charcot disease, chronic ankle instability and alignment deformities.
Acor says the new gauntlets come in choices of full heel, open heel or leaf heel. The company says the orthoses also feature 1/8-inch polypropylene reinforcement with either leather lining or antibacterial X-Static and 1/16-inch NeoSponge lining, a flexible and durable synthetic rubber material.
Company: Acor
Product: Gauntlet AFOs
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