A Unique Dressing

A Unique Dressing

A new dressing attacks wounds from more than one angle.
Biostep Ag Collagen Matrix Dressings use a unique dual-action approach to target and deactivate excess matrix metalloproteinases (MMPs), according to the manufacturer Smith and Nephew Wound Management.
The company says the dressings also use the antimicrobial effects of silver to minimize the chance of infection.
Smith and Nephew says Biostep has a six-day wear time and is more absorbent than other dressings.

Company: Smith and Nephew Wound Management
Product: Biostep Ag Collagen Matrix Dressing
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Go With The Flow
For wound sites that are difficult to reach, an advanced modality may be a solution.
Integra Flowable Wound Matrix utilizes collagen technology, according to the manufacturer Integra LifeSciences. The matrix is an alternative to filling deep soft tissue or tunneling wounds in patients with diabetic foot and venous leg ulcers, according to the company.
As Integra explains, when the product is hydrated with saline, the matrix forms a gel that one can apply to hard-to-reach
wounds. The Flowable Wound Matrix can also provide a scaffold for capillary growth and cellular invasion, says the company.

Company: Integra LifeSciences
Product: Integra Flowable Wound Matrix
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AFOs That Pass The Gauntlet

A range of custom ankle foot orthotic (AFO) gauntlets is now available to meet the needs of a range of patients.
The custom AFO gauntlets are available as a denim gauntlet, a coronet gauntlet with a suede finish and a rugged camouflage gauntlet with a new ratchet buckle, according to the manufacturer Acor. The company notes that the AFOs are stylish as well as functional.
The AFOs in the line have reinforcement via Quikform, a lightweight thermoplastic material that Acor says is supportive without being rigid.
Acor notes that all of the orthoses are lined with X-Static, which eliminates most bacteria, and 1/16-inch of NeoSponge, a synthetic rubber material that offers support and cushioning.

Company: Acor
Product: Custom AFO Gauntlets
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Several Layers Of Comfort

Two new orthoses have several layers of materials for patient comfort and support.
The Sher Brand 481 and 483 Tri-Laminate Orthotics have trilaminate construction with a nylon topcover and antimicrobial agent, according to the manufacturer Sroufe Healthcare Products. The company notes that the laminates are connected to a semi-rigid polypro shell for support and also have a leather base.
Sroufe notes that DPMs can use a heat gun to mold the orthoses to the patient’s foot. The company says the 481 has a 3/4 length arch support and can be helpful in dress shoes. The 483 is a full length orthotic and has full heel to toe comfort.

Company: Sroufe Healthcare Products
Product: Sher 481 and 483 Tri-Laminate Orthotics
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An Advantageous Walker

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