A Smart Doppler

When documenting a patient’s vascular condition, a new lightweight technology may be an option.

The Smartdop® 30EX is a bidirectional portable Doppler with an integrated printer and large visual LCD display, according to the manufacturer Koven Technology. The company notes the product also has an automatic cuff inflator for quick, simple, accurate ankle brachial index (ABI) and tibial brachial index (TBI) testing.
With the Smartdop 30EX, the company says one can save up to 30 waveforms for later reference or print them out. Koven notes one can also download the optional Smart-V-Link®
Software, a complete vascular software system for performing ABIs, TBIs, segmental pressures and venous studies. Koven also says ratios are calculated automatically and optional PPG modules are available for toe pressure studies in diabetic patients.
Company: Koven Technology
Product: Smartdop® 30EX
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Scar Protection Factor
A new cream covers scars and protects them from the sun.
Merz Pharmaceuticals says its Mederma® Cream now has sun protection factor (SPF) 30 and is the only scar product with SPF 30. The company says the new Mederma softens, smooths and reduces the appearance of scars from surgery, burns and other injuries.
In addition, the SPF 30 will protect patients from the sun’s ultraviolet rays, which can worsen the appearance of scars, according to Merz. The company says the product is safe for sensitive skin.
Company: Merz Pharmaceutical
Product: Mederma® + SPF 30
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Supporting Diabetic Feet
For patients facing the lower extremity complications of diabetes, one may want to try a new insole.
Spenco Medical Corporation says its Spenco® Diabetic
Support Foot Beds can provide total contact, which evenly distributes a patient’s weight over a larger surface area and helps prevent ulcers. The company says the foot beds have medical foams that mold to the plantar surface and fill in the foot’s topography.
Spenco says the product’s top layer is made of Plastazote foam while the bottom layer is a lightweight EVA base that is heat activated. In between is a layer of cushioning made of a closed-cell, nitrogen injected material, which reduces friction, according to the company.
Company: Spenco Medical Corp.
Product: Spenco® Diabetic Support Beds
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Relax Their Feet
A new line of products uses essential oils to provide numerous benefits to patients.

Pedi-Relax® focuses on moisturizing feet, keeping
them fresh and providing comfort. The manufacturer Sante Active says the products also will keep feet dry and decrease the risk of fungal infections and foot odor.
The line of products includes Moisturizing Massage Cream for Feet, Exfoliating Cream for Feet, Moisturizing Repair Cream for Feet, Intense Deodorant Gel for Feet, Refreshing Deodorant Spray for Feet, Absorbent Powder Spray for Feet, Protective Barrier Cream for Feet and Intense Hydrating Cream for Feet.
Company: Sante Active
Product: Pedi-Relax®
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Combining Strength With Softness
A new custom foot orthosis combines strength with softness for patients recovering from amputations.

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