ACFAS Changes Dual APMA Membership Policy

By Brian McCurdy, Senior Editor

In a change to a longstanding policy, the American College of Foot and Ankle Surgeons (ACFAS) recently lifted a requirement that renewing college members must maintain a membership in the American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA). The policy change only affects renewing members as new ACFAS members still must belong to APMA when they join the college.
In a letter sent to the college membership, ACFAS President Daniel Hatch, DPM, noted that the college has been contacted by those who cite a financial hardship of having to belong to two groups, or have professional differences with various podiatric associations. Dr. Hatch says he has received “mixed” feedback from the membership following the decision.

“The college maintains the policy promotes fairness by giving individuals the right to select options for themselves,” says Dr. Hatch. “We fully support the APMA and encourage members to join and maintain their membership. It is the college’s sincere belief that the policy change should not affect our working relationship with the APMA.”
To that end, the ACFAS has adopted a policy that encourages its members to maintain APMA membership during their careers. Dr. Hatch’s letter notes that the college plans to continue working with the APMA on issues like professional parity, reimbursement, policy statements and other mutual concerns.

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