New Products

A Comfy Chair

Patients can expect comfort and DPMs can expect ease of use with a new podiatry chair. The Hill Podiatry Chair lifts, flattens, tilts forward and back, has auto return and has a foot break, according to the manufacturer Jan L. The company says the chair is handicapped accessible and has thick cushions with top-grade upholstery. The chair is available in 20 colors. Jan L says the chair lists for $3,995 but its actual cost would be $2,125 after a tax break, due to its handicapped accessibility. Company: Jan L Company Inc. Product: Hill Podiatry Chair For more info, circle 399 on your reader service card

A More Functional Prefab

A new prefabricated orthosis may give your patients the benefits of a custom device. The new P3 Functional Adult Prefab includes support and corrections that manufacturer ProLab Orthotics says were previously reserved only for custom orthoses. The device is made of semirigid polypropylene and has a 2-mm heel skive, a full-depth heel cup and a 3-degree inversion, according to the company. ProLab says the P3 is available with a 4/4 poly rearfoot post, which offers more rearfoot control, as well as a full-length EVA top cover. The company notes that the corrections in its orthoses can help treat plantar fasciitis, hallux limitus and metatarsalgia. Company: ProLab Orthotics Product: P3 Functional Adult Prefab For more info, circle 400 on your reader service card

Healing Fabric

A new line of fabrics combines shock absorption, silver technology and antimicrobial properties. HealixCare™ is a new line of nano-fiber fabrics that is eco-friendly, according to the manufacturer Poly-Gel. The line includes the products VEVA™, BambooTecc™ and SilverTecc™. The anti-fatigue VEVA molds dynamically to the foot, is breathable and provides better biomechanical results, according to the company. Poly-Gel also points out that BambooTecc uses bamboo to provide advanced reduction of foot odor, bacteria and onychomycosis. The company also describes SilverTecc as having embedded antimicrobial silver particles and being available in sheets or rolls. Company: Poly-Gel Product: HealixCare™ For more info, circle 401 on your reader service card

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