A Closer Look At Homeopathic Modalities For Joint Pain

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By John Hahn, DPM, ND

I utilize both the Traumeel injectable and oral tablets preoperatively and postoperatively for various podiatric surgical procedures that I perform. I have noticed a dramatic reduction in postoperative pain and swelling. I have also noticed a reduced need for opioid narcotics postoperatively when I prep the patients with Traumeel orally and then inject the Traumeel at the end of the procedure in the operating room.

Keeping the patient’s preoperative weight in mind, I generally have the patient take one Traumeel tablet four times a day seven to 10 days prior to surgery. It is important to have the patient dissolve the tablet slowly in the mouth sublingually, away from food, to get maximum tissue absorption. I carry this through to the day of surgery. Postoperatively, I recommend one tablet TID sublingual for 21 days to be taken away from food.PT12Injection1.jpgsubendsubsubendsub**
After having used these homeopathic injections, oral homeopathic medications and topical creams for a number of years, I have found that they are very efficacious and have a very low adverse reaction profile. Homeopathic medicines work well with standard medical protocols such as NSAIDs, physical therapy modalities, orthotics and splints.
I highly recommend the consideration of these homeopathic medications as additional modalities in the treatment of many common foot problems that we see in our office. I also recommend the use of Traumeel for the more acute symptoms that occur as a result of injury or surgery.

In my clinical experience, the inclusion of homeopathic Traumeel in the treatment of foot and ankle fractures has significantly reduced the amount of swelling, bruising and pain without the adverse side effects of high doses of NSAIDs or the addictive properties of opioids.

In my perspective, there is sufficient scientific research with good parameters that demonstrates the efficacy and safety of these homeopathic medications so we can prescribe them with confidence to our patients.

Editor’s note: For related articles, see “Alternative Therapies For Chronic Joint Pain” in the August 2005 issue of Podiatry Today.


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