X-Celling The Future of Orthotics

Looking for a custom orthotic that will improve the gait of your patients?

Look no further than the Langer L.XCEL orthotic line, which minimizes energy consumption and absorbs forces created by weight stress transmission during gait. According to Langer, the new orthoses are the result of computer-aided technology that is used to evaluate patient models and create custom orthotics from two proprietary materials: LangerFlex and LangerZorb.
Langer notes the L.XCEL orthotics are made from either a plastic cast or foam impression, and are value-priced at $55. For an additional charge, patients can enroll in the L.XCEL’s extended warranty program.
Company: Langer
Product: Langer L.XCEL
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Get Smart
Do you want to make your surgical procedures more efficient? Well, the new S-MART product from Jan L Company, Inc., may help you facilitate bloodless surgery without pneumatic cuffs and perhaps cut down on your time in the OR.
The new S-MART consists of a silicone ring wrapped in a stockinette bandage and is equipped with two pull strings. Jan L says the S-MART allows you to perform exsanguination from lower or upper extremities, occlusion and sterile stockinette placement in a simple, fast and reliable method.
According to the company, S-MART significantly reduces the amount of time in podiatric and orthopedic procedures because you can place the device on a patient’s limb in less than 10 seconds. Jan L also notes that additional components such as compressed gas, pneumatic tubing or pressure calibrations are unnecessary.
Company: Jan L
Product: S-MART
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Beyond The STAT-us Quo
The foot ulcers of diabetic patients are often problematic and can lead to amputations.
With this in mind, Footlogic has introduced a new product that can help you identify plantar pressure in patients with diabetes. The PressureStat is a plantar pressure measuring device that uses a proprietary ink-backed film technology to record a permanent dynamic image of the foot during normal stride.
Footlogic says the image is compared to a specifically calibrated grey- scale card that immediately qualifies plantar pressure. According to the company, the PressureStat identifies and qualifies high pressure points, which is critical to warding off foot ulcers in patients with neuropathy.
Company: Footlogic
Product: PressureStat
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Full Reassurance
If you want to avoid using an expensive generator during a power outage or brown-out, there is a solution.

The new Reassurance Back-Up Power System from Medi-Products offers backup electricity that silently and instantly powers non-life supporting equipment in the case of an outage. According to Medi Products, the machine does not require installation but plugs into a wall outlet, is portable and compact and can be easily moved to its next destination. The Reassurance re-energizes when not in use and requires a battery change every four or five years, says Medi Products.
The company notes all systems have optional expandable battery capabilities and larger units are available.
Company: Medi Products
Product: Reassurance Back-Up Power System
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An All Monitor
Looking for a more affordable way to keep your instruments clean and sterile?

Well, Autoclave Testing Service, Inc. is now offering a new economy program. In addition to its standard third-party program, the Economy Sterilizer Monitoring Service offers all physicians third party sterility assurance programs based on individual need.
According to Autoclave Testing Service, the new program is available with a weekly or monthly subscription. Many of the standard program’s benefits are included such as full documentation of test results, display certificates and a free technical help line.
Company: Autoclave Testing Service
Product: Economy Sterilizer Monitoring Service
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A Refreshing Smell
Foot odor can be an embarrassing problem. While many companies offer solutions, a new product has entered the ring.
Refresh Rx is the latest product to join the crusade against foot odor. According to the manufacturer Dr. Leo International, Inc., Refresh Rx neutralizes odor found in sneakers, boots, shoes and prosthetics. The company claims the product eliminates bromidrosis on all footwear.
Company: Dr. Leo International, Inc.
Product: Refresh Rx
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