Vacuum Up The Dust

When grinding nails, DPMs can expose themselves to dust but a new device may protect them.    The portable BATVAC comes with a sheath that can be attached to drills, according to the manufacturer Jan L. The company says the product efficiently collects dust right at the bur.    The BATVAC has an overnight charger for the battery and a car auxiliary jack so one can charge them while driving to other practice locations or nursing homes, notes the company.    Jan L says the dust collector comes with a hose and 10 filters.    Company: Jan L    Product: BATVAC    For more info, circle 399 on your reader service card

Three Points Of Relief

A new two-part splint may offer three points of relief to patients with bunions.    The 3pp Bunion-Aider reduces hallux valgus deformity and rotational balance, according to the manufacturer 3-Point Products. The company says the device realigns the great toe to correct valgus angulation and any hyperextension or flexed toe positioning to preserve neutral alignment. The 3pp Bunion-Aider has soft, foam-lined straps, which the company says stay in place and can be worn in shoes or at night.    The splint’s forefoot and toe straps are simple to apply and patients can adjust them to their tolerance, according to 3-Point Products.    Company: 3-Point Products    Product: 3pp Bunion-Aider    For more info, circle 400 on your reader service card

A More Accurate Measurement

Podiatrists in need of a measuring device may want to check out a new portable digital inclinometer.    The Digital Biometer can measure osseous segmental relationships and joint ranges of motion, as well as help assess X-rays, according to the manufacturer RX Laboratories.    The device is battery operated and incorporates patented sensor technology, according to the company.    The Digital Biometer has a resolution to within 1 degree and has a range of 0 to 360 degrees.    Company: RX Laboratories    Product: Digital Biometer    For more info, circle 401 on your reader service card

A Comforting Orthosis

A new orthotic may make things more comfortable for patients.    The Model 719 Sher Comfort Orthotic can both offer instant comfort for patients and spur compliance, according to the manufacturer Sroufe Healthcare Products. The orthosis is made of EVA, which has shock-absorbing capabilities, notes the company.    Sroufe says the orthosis also is laminated to polyester for a top cover that does not wear easily. Model 719 is available in shoe sizes 5 to 12 for women and sizes 6 to 12 for men.    Company: Sroufe Healthcare Products    Product: Model 719 Sher Comfort Orthotic    For more info, circle 402 on your reader service card

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