Turbocharge PAD Treatment

Clinicians have a new tool to treat the potentially serious peripheral arterial disease (PAD).     The new Turbo elite product line uses excimer laser ablation to treat PAD. The product line includes an enhanced outer jacket, an inner guide wire with optimized ablation efficiency and an energy output that facilitates increased rates of penetration, according to the product line’s manufacturer Spectranetics. The company notes that DPMs would refer patients to vascular surgeons for treatment with Turbo.    Spectranetics says the Turbo works by vaporizing lipid-based, calcified and fibrotic plaque, and neointimal hyperplasia. The product features 80-Hz laser repetition rates and a hydrophilic coating, says the company.    Spectranetics adds that the product line’s catheters are available in several sizes. The company says excimer laser ablation only takes a few minutes.    Company: Spectraetics    Product: Turbo    For more info, circle 399 on your reader service card

A Cooling Gel

A tried-and-true remedy for tinea pedis is now available in a cooling gel.    LamisilAT® Gel utilizes terbinafine 1% for relief of itching, burning, cracking and scaling, according to the product’s manufacturer Novartis. The company says the gel format penetrates quicker than the terbinafine cream.    Novartis also says patients can administer it in seven once-a-day doses, which is fewer doses than competing treatments for athlete’s foot. The company maintains that the simpler dosing helps athletes return to their sport more quickly. LamisilAT is available in 6-oz and 12-oz tubes, according to the company.    Company: Novartis    Product: LamisilAT® Gel    For more info, circle 400 on your reader service card

Getting Relief From Calcaneal Trauma

The newest system for heel trauma may produce less stress for patients.    The CalcLock Calcaneal Trauma System consists of implantable bone fixation plates and screws. The system’s contoured plates provide an anatomical fit for the calcaneus and the screws can address the most unstable part of the calcaneus, according to the system’s manufacturer OrthoHelix.    In addition, the company cites testing that says the CalcLock produces four times less stress than a competing product, and this reduces the incidence of implant failure and displacement.    The product’s screws are available in lengths of 3.5 mm and 4 mm, and have blunt tips that reduce the irritation of tendon and soft tissue, notes the company.    Company: OrthoHelix Surgical Designs, Inc.    Product: CalcLock Calcaneal Trauma System    For more info, circle 401 on your reader service card

The Rx For Compression

Patients with diabetes who need extra foot protection may turn to a new compression sock.    Euros Rx Compression Socks can provide protection and comfort for patients with diabetes, according to the manufacturer EuroSocks North America. The company adds that the socks provide beneficial lower extremity compression.    In regard to other benefits, the socks are friction free, stimulate blood flow and reduce both swelling and muscle fatigue, notes the company.    EuroSocks North America notes the socks also feature moisture management and Drystat, a fiber with silver ions that control bacteria growth. Composed of Drystat, nylon and spandex, Euros Rx Compression Socks are available in three sizes and three colors. The socks’ white soles permit patients to monitor foot secretions, according to EuroSocks North America.    Company: EuroSocks North America    Product: Euros Rx Compression Socks    For more info, circle 402 on your reader service card

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