Aided Relief

If you want to give your patients an advanced healing alternative, you may want to check out a new product line that promises quicker results and reduced scar visibility.

The Spenco Medical Corporation is offering the Spenco 2nd Skin Advanced First Aid products with hyaluronan. According to Spenco, the patented hyaluronan formula provides a pattern for tissue repair in wounds that facilitates shortened healing time and has been clinically proven to minimize the formation of scar tissue on various wounds. Spenco says this product line will offer an alternative to antibiotic ointments.
The addition of Spenco 2nd Skin Advanced First Aid products with hyaluronan was made possible through Spenco’s new alliance with FIDIA SpA, which manufactures products based on hyaluronan technology.
Company: Spenco Medical Corporation
Product: Spenco 2nd Skin Advanced First Aid products with hyaluronan
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Right On Their Heels
Are you looking for a new modality to help prevent heel ulcers in at-risk patients?
For your patients who have peripheral arterial disease, diabetes, neuropathies or other conditions related to pressure, you may want to utilize the Heel/Arterial Device from Global Medical Foam.
Developed and designed according to AHRQ Guidelines, the device completely floats the heels. The company says the product offers even weight distribution to the tendonous portion of the calf. The core center of the device provides adequate support without “bottoming out,” the company emphasizes.
The device’s 36-inch length addresses both heels, providing support and flotation without the need to purchase two products.
Company: Global Medical Foam
Product: Heel/Arterial Device
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Power Break
Medical chairs/tables that have multiple uses can be great additions to any office.
Full of unique and useful features, the Model 530 Power Knee Break Table offers a quad-power surgery and treatment chair/table that may be a good fit in podiatric practices.

According to the manufacturer Medical Technology, Inc., the 530 Model offers user-programmable operating positions (via a standard on-board computer) and many helpful accessories, including post-mounted tray and light assemblies, visual curtain blocks, swivel and mobile bases, and shoe trays.
The company emphasizes the safety of the model as well, noting that the stainless steel debris table has an electrical interlock, which helps prevent accidental damage to an extended debris tray.The chair/table also comes equipped with a coded lockout that prevents any unauthorized people from operating the chair.
Company: Medical Technology, Inc. (MTI)
Product: 530 Power Knee Break Table
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Diagnostic Device
Looking for devices that can enhance your diagnostic abilities?
Well, Koven Technologies has introduced a small device that may be able to give you big results. The BIDOP 3 features diagnostic capabilities in a hand–held visual pocket ABI Doppler.
Koven says the BIDOP 3 contains a viewing panel with real-time Doppler waveforms and is most useful for ABIs and pedal pulse assessment.
The device stores up to 30 waveforms for later reference. There is also optional software you can use to print out results in order to get reimbursement. Koven says an optional PPG (Photoplethysmograph) is also available.
Company: Koven Technology
Product: BIDOP 3
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