Survey: One-Third Of Hispanic Patients Exhibit Warning Signs Of Diabetes

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A 56-year-old Hispanic female with diabetes underwent an open partial first ray amputation (as shown above) and lower extremity angioplasties. A new study says one-third of Hispanic-American patients exhibit warning signs of diabetes.
Survey: One-Third Of Hispanic Patients Exhibit Warning Signs Of Diabetes
By Brian McCurdy, Senior Editor

    With these cautions in mind, Januvia may provide another option for prescribing physicians to help keep blood glucose levels under control and reduce diabetic complications such as foot and leg amputations, eye diseases, heart attacks, stroke and kidney disease, notes Dr. Feit, the Past President of the Los Angeles chapter of the American Diabetes Association.

    Editor’s note: For related articles, see “Is Inhaled Insulin A Viable Alternative For Patients With Diabetes?" in the October 2006 issue or visit the archives at


    The product Naftin Cream® (see New Products, October issue) should have been discussed as an antifungal agent, not a moisturizer. We regret the error.

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