Dressing Facilitates Wound Healing Principles For A Variety Of Ulcers

By Anthony Leone, Special Projects Editor

   When looking for a wound care product that offers antimicrobial properties, provides effective debridement and facilitates a moist wound care environment, podiatrists may want to consider the AmeriGel Wound Dressing. As if these benefits were not enough, one can use the dressing to treat a variety of wounds, including diabetic ulcers, pressure ulcers, post-surgical incisions and first- and second-degree burns.    R. Daniel Davis, DPM, says the topical medication is an affordable and effective option in his armamentarium.     “(AmeriGel Wound Dressing) is my first line of defense for treating open wounds,” notes Dr. Davis, who is in private practice at the Family Podiatry Center in Bridgeport, Conn. “It accelerates healing of the wound significantly.”    An antimicrobial hydrogel, the AmeriGel Wound Dressing provides extra moisture to help heal wounds, according to AmerX Health Care Corporation, the manufacturer of the dressing. The company says the additional moisture also helps reduce the appearance of scars.    The dressing also enables practitioners to debride and clear out debris in the wound that can impede the healing process, points out AmerX Health Care.

Maximizing Antimicrobial Activity

   AmeriGel wound dressing can also be helpful in preventing infected wounds. The dressing features the natural oak extract Oakin™, which battles more than 49 different types of bacteria, a primary cause of skin infections. “This stuff acts great and the results are great too,” notes Paul Reynolds, DPM, who is in private practice at Southeastern Podiatry Clinic in Tallahassee, Fla.    Dr. Reynolds has been using Amerigel Wound Dressing for four years now and he says the dressing can clear up infections faster, with the healing time cut down to a third or half compared with other products.    Like Dr. Davis, Dr. Reynolds keeps the Amerigel Wound Dressing close at hand for wound care. He says it closes wounds faster than other products and has a shorter window for wound healing.    Additionally, the makers of the medication say the dressing kills four times more germs than any first-aid ointment.

In Conclusion

   Both Drs. Reynolds and Davis agree that Amerigel Wound Dressing has a significant impact in treating a variety of wounds that podiatrists see on a day-to-day basis. However, one must take caution when using any product. “People with fair skin may report a burning sensation,” points out Dr. Reynolds. “However, that is less than 1 percent of people who cannot tolerate it.” Overall, Dr. Reynolds says the response from his patients is very good. Dr. Davis concurs.     “This works well for the majority of people,” says Dr. Davis. “(AmeriGel Wound Dressing) works extremely well.” Editor’s note: For a related article, see “Achieving Adjunctive Success With Wound Dressings” in the July 2003 issue or visit the archives at www.podiatrytoday.com.

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