A Closer Look At Advances In Functional Lab Testing

By John E. Hahn, DPM, ND

   The modern podiatric physician is faced with many challenges when it comes to appropriate patient selection for surgical procedures. Specifically, when it comes to the high-risk patient with diabetes, there are potential challenges that can lead to postoperative complications and potential lawsuits. Indeed, some of these high-risk patients may experience delayed wound healing with no obvious preoperative disease elucidated in the preoperative history, physical and conventional laboratory studies.    Faced with these challenges, the astute podiatric physician now has the ability to order functional laboratory testing that will help ascertain a patient’s ability to heal postoperatively and reduce the incidence of postoperative infections. Accordingly, let us take a closer look at some of the most reliable functional tests available to podiatric physicians that can aid them in assessing potential risks of patients who have compromised health.

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