New Products

Treating Wounds From Every Angle

Patients can now use two tested wound care products in a spray emulsion form.

   Accuzyme and Panafil are perfect for elderly patients, particularly those who suffer from arthritis, according to Healthpoint, the manufacturer of both products. The spray emulsion format does not require direct contact from the patient or person applying the enzymatic debridement products. Healthpoint says the “no touch” application may reduce the chance of infection and help prevent disturbing the wound bed.    Healthpoint also notes the continuous spray lets podiatrists treat wounds at various angles. The Arthritis Foundation awarded an “Ease of Use” Commendation to Accuzyme and Panafil, the first wound care treatments to receive the commendation, notes Healthpoint.    Company: Healthpoint    Products: Accuzyme and Panafil Spray Emulsions    For more info, circle 399 on your reader service card

A Guide To The World Of Managed Care

Navigating the esoteric world of managed care can sometimes seem like a lost cause.

   A new book, the Dictionary of Health Insurance and Managed Care, may provide a helpful guide for practitioners. The 500-page book, written by Dr. David E. Marcinko, MBA, CFP, CMP, has over 5,000 definitions, over 3,000 abbreviations and acronyms and over 2,000 resources for managed care, according to the book’s publisher Springer Publishing Company.    Dr. Marcinko’s book has 10,000 entries detailing the language of various healthcare sectors as it applies to physicians, health care facilities, purchasers, benefits managers, payers and insurance professionals, according to the company. The publisher adds that the book details new terminology and current definitions, alphabetizes abbreviations and demystifies some confusing acronyms.    Company: Springer Publishing Co.    Product: Dictionary of Health Insurance and Managed Care    For more info, circle 400 on your reader service card

Testing Results In The Palm Of Your Hand

A new technology now lets DPMs hold a complete testing system in the palms of their hands.

   The Smartdop® 45, a portable bi-directional Doppler, has total software to measure ankle/brachial indexes, toe/brachial indexes and venous studies, according to the manufacturer Koven. The product’s large LCD screen displays real-time waveforms, says the company.    Koven says DPMs can download waveforms to the Smart-V-Link system and optional photoplethesmography modules are available for studying toe pressures in patients with diabetes.    Company: Koven Technology    Product: Smartdop® 45    For more info, circle 401 on your reader service card

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