Transverse Z-Osteotomy: Is It A Viable Adjunctive Option For Hallux Limitus?

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Here one can see degenerative and erosive changes to the first metatarsal head. The transverse Z-osteotomy is one of many treatments for hallux limitus. (Photo courtesy of Harold Schoenhaus, DPM)
This patient presented with a painful first metatarsophalangeal joint with degenerative joint disease. The condition is one of the indications for the transverse Z-osteotomy. (Photo courtesy of Peter Wilusz, DPM, and Guy Pupp, DPM)
Utilizing the transverse-Z osteotomy in conjunction with a first metatatarsal decompression osteotomy provides inherent stability and may possibly decrease the complications of other previously described osteotomies.
By Daniel K. Lee, DPM, and Gregory E. Tilley, DPM

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