Seven Secrets To Successful Hiring

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Seven Secrets To Successful Hiring
Measuring the attitude of a potential employee is important during the hiring process, according to John Guiliana, DPM. “You can always teach practice matters and procedures,” he says. “You cannot teach attitude.”
Lynn Homisak, PRT, recommends that a key staff person sit in on interviews of potential hires. “If you want people to work well together, involve them and allow the team building process to begin,” points out Homisak.
By Robert J. Smith, Contributing Editor

What is more nerve wracking than hiring people to staff your practice? Tightrope walking might qualify but more often than not, there is a net below to catch you if you take a wrong step. Jumping out of an airplane also comes to mind but you would usually have a parachute that should keep you from really hurting yourself.

Indeed, hiring can be more intimidating or worrisome than either of those things partly because there are no safety measures that keep you from danger after you have brought a person on board. A new employee is live, in person, on your phones, in front of your patients, behind your counter, at your computers and in your waiting rooms. You must use all the safety mechanisms at your disposal before you hire and there is the rub.
Unless you received a crystal ball along with that DPM degree, there is no way to know for certain whether a new staffer will contribute to the richness of your office culture or cause it to curdle. You and your office manager need to do all the homework up front in order to have the best chance at improving your office operations with the introduction of a new employee to your staff.
What follows are pertinent common sense practices that you and your team can and should employ to find the best people possible, bring them into your operation and retain them for the long haul. They are common initiatives used and endorsed by some of the most knowledgeable practice management experts in podiatry. They have lived, hired and learned, and they want to help you make your practice the best it can be.

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