A More Flexible Package

Several bandages are now available in one convenient package to hand out to patients.

Physician Packs include CoFlex®, CoFlex® Med and latex-free CoFlex® NL bandages, according to the manufacturer Andover Coated Products. As the company notes, the bandages feature EasyTear® technology. Patients can easily apply and remove them, and the bandages all have non-slip support.
With the compact box design and smaller roll counts, Physician Packs are easy to store. The company adds that the tan-colored packs are available in sizes from 1 to 4 inches.
Company: Andover Coated Products
Product: Physician Packs
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Maximize Your Multitasking
A tried-and-true medical records software program is about to get an upgrade.
Charting Plus will be upgraded and renamed MediNotes e. The upgraded product offers a multitasking shell that can simultaneously display the practice view, a patient view for several patients, an active note window and document view, according to the manufacturer MediNotes Corp.
The company says program users can go back and forth between patients or tasks without having to navigate in a separate area of the program. This will save valuable time and can allow DPMs unrestricted access to clinical information, according to the company.
MediNotes says the product’s patient tracking feature enables staff to monitor which patients have checked in, how long they have waited and what room they have been assigned to. MediNotes adds that the program has “work lists” to streamline the workflow when multiple clinicians are involved.
MediNotes e also has a MediNotes Rx system for electronic prescribing and for checking drug interactions and formularies, according to the manufacturer.
Company: MediNotes Corp.
Product: MediNotes e
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Stabilize And Cushion Their Feet
For patients who are looking for cushioning and stability in an athletic shoe, a new model may offer a solution.

The new 975 shoe offers active patients cushioning and stability via the Abzorb® Ex feature in the heel, according to the shoe’s manufacturer New Balance. The company says the shoe’s forefoot can absorb shock while the midsole’s compression molded EVA adds stability and cushioning.
In addition, New Balance says the 975 has an antimicrobial sock insert, midsole ventilation and support in the midsole. The shoe is also available in various sizes and widths.
Company: New Balance
Product: 975
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Insoles For Active Patients
Looking for custom insoles to prevent pain in active patients?

Athletic Style custom insoles and the new Active Style insoles are heat moldable and can prevent foot and leg pain, according to the manufacturer Archmolds. The insoles can also improve balance and enhance performance and comfort, notes the company.
Archmolds says patients can use the insoles with dress shoes, golf shoes and shoes that are cleated for various sports. The company notes that the insoles’ top layer has a nanosilver antibacterial treatment wherein tiny silver particles are implanted in a fabric weave. The heel base of the insoles is also 3 mm wider than in previous models.
The company says temperature tabs on the insoles can indicate when a conventional oven has heated the insoles enough for adjustment.
Company: Archmolds
Products: Athletic Style and Active Style custom insoles
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