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One Gel, Many Uses

   Are your patients looking for a multiple product package that offers numerous benefits and more convenience? Look no further than the All Gel Care Kit, which combines several gel foot care products from Silipos in one kit. The company says this packaging facilitates easy dispensing in the office.    Silipos says the gel products protect patients against shear forces and friction, and also release a mineral oil to condition and moisturize feet.    The All Gel Care Kit complements the original Digital Care Kit, according to Silipos. The company touts the kit’s cost effectiveness and convenience in treating a variety of ailments.    Company: Silipos, Inc.    Product: All Gel Care Kit    For more info, circle 399 on your reader service card

A Flexible Prefab Orthotic?

   A newly developed prefabricated orthotic may be flexible enough to treat a variety of conditions.    SoftPoint® Flexible Cork Orthotics can relieve pain associated with plantar fasciitis or weak or fallen arches, according to the manufacturer FLA Orthopedics. The company says the orthotic supports the foot’s arch and its high contours prevent pronation.    The SoftPoint has a cork/EVA base that is thin, lightweight and flexible, and FLA Orthopedics notes it absorbs shock and molds to the foot’s natural contours.    The company cites additional benefits such as a deep heel cup, which stabilizes the foot and cradles the heel, and a breathable fabric, which reduces shear and blisters.    Company: FLA Orthopedics    Product: SoftPoint® Flexible Cork Orthotics    For more info, circle 400 on your reader service card

A Versatile Night Splint

   Patients may be able to find relief from a myriad of conditions when using a new night splint.    The Airform Night Splint may treat plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendonitis, dropfoot and post-static pain, according to the manufacturer, Royce Medical. The splint is lightweight, has a low profile and is comfortable, notes the company.    The company says the product is easy for patients to slip on and adjust. The pad is air-filled for soft, gentle wear, according to Royce Medical.    It is available in two sizes as well as single boxes and six packs.    Company: Royce Medical    Product: Airform Night Splint    For more info, circle 401 on your reader service card

Fulfill Your Imaging Needs

   Does your practice need a computed radiography scanner that offers high quality at an affordable price?    Look no further than the Orex ACL2/ACL4 scanners to fulfill your imaging needs. The product line utilizes film-less laser scanners, erasable phosphor plates and image management stations, according to the manufacturer Orex Computed Radiography.    With the ACL2/ACL4, the company says one can scan a phosphor image plate directly to a workstation with no special connections necessary.    Orex says the ACL2 scanner can scan 20 plates per hour while the ACL4 scanner can scan 41 plates per hour. It adds that clinicians can use the scanners to scan any body part. Orex says the scanners come with image enhancement management software and images are stored as DICOM files, which one can transfer over the Internet.    The company maintains the Orex system is compact, can accommodate small spaces and is inexpensive.    Company: Orex Computed Radiography    Product: ACL2/ACL4    For more info, circle 402 on your reader service card

Preventing Infection

   When dealing with the potential for infection, it is vital to practice in an antiseptic environment.    One can use the expanded line of ChlorascrubT products for antiseptic skin preparation needs, including peripheral IVs, taking blood cultures and performing minor surgery, according to the manufacturer Professional Disposables International (PDI). The product features 3.15% chlorhexidine gluconate and 70% isopropyl alcohol.    The line of products includes the CHG SwabT, the CHG SwabstickT and the CHG Maxi Swabstick, according to PDI. The company notes the pre-moistened swabs’ ease of use.    Company: PDI    Product: ChlorascrubT    For more info, circle 403 on your reader service card

An Adjustable AFO

   Patients may be able to utilize a new ankle foot orthotic (AFO) to fit in any shoe.    With the Swedish AFO footdrop splint, one can make adjustments to fit a variety of shoes, according to the manufacturer, AliMed. It says the product can accomodate patients’ conditions, assist with gait training and improves walking.    The AFO consists of injection-molded polyethylene that is lightweight and durable. The company says the AFO also has a low arch and open heel. It provides dorsiflexion assistance and subsequent stability, notes AliMed.    The polyethylene is thicker on the vertical aspect of the Swedish AFO for added rigidity. The company says the footplate is thinner and one can trim it with scissors if necessary.    Company: AliMed    Product: Swedish AFO    For more info, circle 404 on your reader service card

Ankle Sprain Prevention

   Ankle sprains can cause lost playing time for athletes but a new shoe can prevent such injuries.    The Ankle Saver athletic shoe features two straps that stabilize the foot and help to reduce the incidence of ankle sprains, according to the manufacturer Advent Product Development. The company says the shoe’s hard rubber lateral bumper supports provide stiffness to reduce ankle inversion.    Athletes can easily apply the Ankle Saver, according to the manufacturer. The company adds that athletes will not be able to bend the hard sole from the softer lateral side.    Company: Advent Product Development    Product: The Ankle Saver    For more info, circle 405 on your reader service card

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