Charting The Course

As a sign of the technology times, MediNotes recently introduced the most updated version of its Charting Plus software. The Charting Plus Version 4.2 features updated components and enhanced functionality for all your electronic medical recordkeeping.
Some of the revisions to the software include new ways to format note text, an enhanced chief complaint section and tables that you can now lay out in rows and columns. New customization allows you to add new folders to the Object Explorer and referral letters now have custom layouts. An image and graphics tool allows you to store digital images within the text, thus improving your documentation with pictures.
According to MediNotes, the software features enhanced medication lists as well as 2002 ICD-9 and CPT codes registered from the American Medical Association.
Practice Panorama, a new data filtering system, has also been added to the software. MediNotes says Practice Panorama quickly allows you to write scripts to filter data based on your custom queries. This data exports to programs such as Excel, Word and Access.
Company: MediNotes
Product: Charting Plus Version 4.2
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A Smoother Solution
Are you looking for a new drying agent that can help make wart removal a little smoother?
If so, you may want to check out Pedinol’s Lazerformalyde Solution, which contains formaldehyde 10% and is indicated as a drying agent for pre- and post-surgical removal of warts or where dryness is required.
According to Pedinol, the solution is effective for treating plantar warts and acts as an adjunct to curettage.
Company: Pedinol
Product: Lazerformalyde Solution
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Nailing The Problem
Are your patients looking for a solution for onychomycosis, but are unsure about oral antifungals?
You may want to consider the NonyX Nail Gel for mild to severe cases of toenail fungus as it reportedly penetrates the nail plate and exfoliates underlying keratin debris. According to Xenna Corporation, the manufacturer of the product, the gel may lower intra-nail pH and prevent further recurrence with the creation of a slightly acidic environment within the nail plate.
The company says the gel is a safe alternative to systemic antifungals. It says the gel is ideal for diabetic patients, the elderly, patients with liver and heart dysfunction, and those on corticosteroids or with peripheral vascular disease.
According to Xenna, a proof of concept study found the NonyX Nail Gel restored nail clarity and thickness whether nail debridement was needed or not.
Company: Xenna Corporation
Product: NonyX Nail Gel
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No Fear Shears
Do you want to put patients more at ease when removing their sutures?
Bianco Brothers says you can alleviate patients’ suture pain with their new Suture Shears. They say the squeezable, slender blades can minimize discomfort. According to Bianco Brothers, your patients are assured no pain because the shears (made from 440 stainless steel) are so sharp. The company says removing sutures is effortless and quick with this instrument.

Company: Bianco Brothers
Product: Suture Shears
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A Cure For HIPAA Compliance?
With changes on the horizon involving electronic Medicare filing and the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), you must ensure your practice is compliant with all federal regulations.
DB Consultants can help your practice get there with its AS/PC for Windows system and its new HIPAA-compliant version of electronic claims. As a practice management system, the AS/PC system helps to maintain accurate and comprehensive patient records, according to the company. DB Consultants include the electronic claims module at no additional charge.
The new HIPAA-compliant, electronic claims program will enable those who use AS/PC for Windows to be in compliance with ANSI X12, a set of standards for transmission of electronic medical data from one location to another. According to DB Consultants, the new claims program will allow you to be ahead of the imposing October 2003 compliance deadline.
Company: DB Consultants
Product: AS/PC for Windows
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