Gauze Dressing Takes Wound Care To New Level

By Robi Garthwait, Contributing Editor

   Podiatrists have turned to AmeriGel Care Lotion to solve an array of skin problems, including psoriasis and ichthyosis. Building upon the success of the lotion, AmeriGel Hydrogel Saturated Gauze Dressing utilizes the same key ingredient with an eye toward providing long-term moist wound care.    What makes the AmeriGel Gauze Dressing unique among the impregnated gauze dressings available today is the use of Oakin as its primary ingredient, according to the manufacturer, AmerX Health Care Corp. Oakin provides antifungal, antimicrobial and autolytic debriding properties. The dressing also contains zinc acetate to protect the skin and polyethylene glycol, which helps to maintain a moist wound environment. The dressing remains moist for up to seven days without maceration, according to its manufacturer.    Oakin assists in breaking down necrotic tissue and softening eschar, frequently without the addition of enzymatic agents, which can be costly. One may use the dressing on yellow, black and red wounds. However, clinicians may need to remove dense fibrin caps and deposits mechanically.    Jerry Gross, DPM, of the Foot and Ankle Center of the Carolinas, was initially impressed with the AmeriGel lotion and has found similar success with the AmeriGel gauze dressing.     “We are busy reversing severe ulcer conditions and salvaging limbs,” notes Dr. Gross, who runs a wound care center in his office in Forest City, N.C. “I have found the AmeriGel Hydrogel dressing to provide the moisturizing and debriding qualities needed in many of our non-healing wounds.”    The AmeriGel Hydrogel Saturated Gauze Dressing is indicated for stage I to IV pressure ulcers, diabetic skin ulcers, first- and second-degree burns, venous stasis ulcers and post-surgical incisions, according to the manufacturer. It notes the gauze pads are individually packaged in pre-measured dosages

Facilitating Patient Compliance And Improved Outcomes

   Dr. Gross has seen steady improvement in patients with hard to heal ulcerations.     “Often the patients have been to (other doctors) or have spent months trying to improve their condition,” he notes. “We include three treatments a week of compression therapy, debridement and AmeriGel Hydrogel Saturated Gauze. The patients’ attitudes improve as they see their condition improve.”    Christopher Moore, DPM, of the Southern Illinois Foot and Ankle Clinic, has also observed positive results with the gauze dressing. He has used the product postoperatively for total nail avulsions with matrixectomy on diabetic ulcers and stasis ulcers. He has also used Oasis (Healthpoint) and Acticoat (Smith and Nephew) together to achieve similar results.    Dr. Moore notes that “the ease of application [of the gauze dressing] makes patients more apt to comply with treatment.”    Dr. Gross concurs.     “I appreciate the simplicity of this product,” he says. “We attempt to run an office that is very effective and efficient, and this product fits well into our office’s flow. Our assistants have found the product easy to use and demonstrate. Even though some of our patients are not agile, they are able to mold the product easily into the size necessary to conform to their wound.”    In fact, Dr. Gross says it is the only product of its kind that he would use and would recommend the gauze dressing to other practitioners.     “I feel it is a win-win situation,” he states. “The patients improve and our reimbursement is a nice benefit. I have found the patients are appreciative of our care due to their results. This product fills a slot for healing hard to heal wounds that no others have been able to fill.”

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