Improved Visit Planning: Can It Lead To A Higher Level Of Quality Care?

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Implementing software decision support and tracking tools may go a long way toward facilitating more effective visits and follow-up care for patients with diabetes.
Web access to the software decision support and tracking system can allow the podiatrists to document patient changes in the exam room.
By Barbara Aung, DPM and Kim Jungkind, MPH, RN, CCM

   A more formal evaluation of the information technology and clinical outcomes has not yet been summarized. However, the initial findings show a positive impact on practice and more opportunity for teaching within the office. An increase in “teachable moments,” when a patient demonstrates a vested interest in his or her care, has been an unexpected and welcome finding. Patients are more engaged in their care and have a greater understanding of their needs.

   In summary, we found that using this software decision support and tracking package met the expectations of sustaining improvements in high quality podiatric care for patients with diabetes.

Dr. Aung currently serves as a member of the PPOD (podiatry, pharmacy, optometry, dental) Workgroup Member for the CDC-NIH National Diabetes Education Program. She is also the principal investigator for the Amputation Risk Project. Dr. Aung is in private practice in Tuscon, Ariz. and is Co-Director of the Wound Center at Carondelet St. Joseph’s Hospital.

Yungkind is employed as a Senior Program Manager at McKesson Health Solutions in Broomfield, Col. She has been involved with national and regional initiatives that incorporate evidence-based clinical guidelines. She has authored and lectured on disease management, clinical and quality topics.

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