New Products

Disguising Bumps And Bruises

   Summer activity can bring bumps and bruises for children, and a new scar product can help DPMs improve the appearance of kids’ scars.    The new Mederma® for Kids is formulated for children between the ages of 2 and 12, and can minimize the appearance of scars resulting from injury, burns, bug bites and surgery, according to manufacturer Merz Pharmaceuticals. The company says the product is also perfect for scars from childhood diseases and stretch marks from weight fluctuation.    The Mederma for Kids gel is non-toxic and is purple when one applies it but massages to a clear color, according to Merz.    The company says the color change can be fun for kids and the product can engage them in caring about their scars. The product has a “kid-friendly” scent and will not stain, according to the company. It is available in a 20-gram tube, which Merz says will last three months if patients use it three times a day on scars up to 3 inches long.    Company: Merz Pharmaceuticals    Product: Mederma® for Kids    For more info, circle 399 on your reader service card

An AFO For All Conditions

   The newest ankle foot orthotic (AFO) is custom designed to handle a variety of conditions.    The Rainier Boot is the latest addition to the company’s line of Sure Step Ankle-Foot Orthoses. With the Rainier Boot, one can treat moderate to severe posterior tibial tendon dysfunction, severe pronation, degenerative arthritis and a variety of other conditions, according to the boot’s manufacturer, Seattle Systems. The company adds that DPMs can use the boot to treat most ankle injuries.    Seattle Systems says the Rainier Boot features a soft and molded inner liner, 1/8-inch foam padding and polypropylene reinforcement, which can immobilize the ankle joint while providing comfort.    The company adds it is offering a free casting kit, including a mid-calf casting sock, with the first boot purchase. It says the entire AFO customizing process takes three or four weeks.    Company: Seattle Systems    Product: Rainier Boot    For more info, circle 400 on your reader service card

A Simple Billing Solution

   For busy DPMs and their staffs, a new computer system may help ease the workload.    SimpleSam Plus, which combines SimpleSam and SammyUSA, provides a secure, password-protected venue to access billing, insurance and patient information, according to the manufacturer, ICS Software.    The company notes one can use the software to share information with staff and delegate practice management tasks. The product offers electronic billing, routing slips, data storage, an appointment calendar, additional reporting and an electronic prescription writer, the company notes.    ICS adds that SimpleSam Plus is HIPAA compliant and the company updates the system frequently with the most current information. The product comes complete with installation, training and a year’s worth of unlimited electronic claims.    Company: ICS Software, Ltd.    Product: SimpleSam Plus    For more info, circle 401 on your reader service card

Stepping More Softly

   Patients may be stepping more softly thanks to a new brand of heel cup.    The new Viscoelastic Heel Cups slow the velocity of rebound and alter the direction of the remaining velocity away from the foot to dissipate heel strike, according to the manufacturer, AliMed Inc. The company notes the biomechanically engineered cups work well for treating plantar fasciitis during the day.    In addition, the Viscoelastic Heel Cups also feature a starburst to decrease skin shear. The company adds that the centrally placed starburst also helps cut down on blisters and calluses for patients.    Company: AliMed Inc.    Product: Viscoelastic Heel Cups    For more info, circle 402 on your reader service card

Keep Equipment Clean

   Delicate office equipment may now stay cleaner with the use of a new industrial swab.    With the HUBY® Swabs, DPMs can keep sensitive equipment free of lint, according to Puritan Medical Products Company, which distributes the product. The company adds that the non-contaminated swabs are good for cleaning office equipment such as disk drives, optics and other vital information office equipment.    HUBY Swabs are made of small cotton tips that range in size from 2 mm to 5 mm. They are highly absorbent and selected swabs have anti-static packaging, according to the company.    Company: Puritan Medical Products Company    Product: HUBY® Swabs    For more info, circle 403 on your reader service card

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