A Perfect Fit

A Perfect Fit Are you looking for an orthotic that is an alternative to PTB and AFO braces? Now you can use the Mueller TPD Orthosis to treat tibialis posterior dysfunction and certain abnormalities such as midfoot abduction, severe forefoot varus and midfoot hyperostoses. According to the manufacturer Allied OSI Labs and the device’s creator, Terrance J. Mueller, DPM, the orthotic assists surgical patients post-operatively and reduces the need for reconstructive surgery. For more information, call (800) 444-3632 or circle 326 on your reader service card. Air Tight When patients have injuries that do not require full-length cast, now you can offer them a more practical option. The SP-Walker Short Pneumatic Walking Brace is ideal for treating patients with forefoot injuries, metataral fractures and bunionectomies, according to the manufacturer Aircast. The company says the brace, which ends slightly below the calf, provides stability, circulates blood flow and renders excellent edema management. The new cast contains two custom inflatable air cells and a pre-inflated anterior cell. According to Aircast, the cast comes in three sizes: small, medium and large. For more information, visit www.aircast.com or circle 327 on your reader service card. No Need To Be Callous Are your diabetic or elderly patients complaining of stubborn calluses? The Xenna Corporation recently introduced Callex Callus Ointment, which can be used on the soles of feet and heels as a natural exfoliate. Xenna says the ointment sloughs away dead tissue, resulting in the thinning and softening of the calluses. The company says the active ingredient, endoprotease, is natural, acid-free and non-allergenic. The ointment is available without a prescription through the company’s Web site. For more information, visit www.xenna.com/callex.htm or circle 328 on your reader service card. Pain Reliever If patients complain about plantar fasciitis, heel pain or Achilles tendonitis, the latest products may alleviate symptoms. New from Apex, the Foot Pain Relief System includes the Foot Pain Night Splint, stretching wedge and heel cups. An added incentive is the Self Management Guide that accompanies the products. According to Apex, the Night Splint treats a variety of conditions, including heel spurs, pronation syndromes and plantarflexion contractures. The Anti-Shox Heel Cup reduces tendon and heel pain while protecting the rearfoot, according to the company. The stretching wedge allows for additional dorsiflexion. For more information, call (800) 526-2739 or circle 329 on your reader service card. Fly Insoles Patients with Charcot foot, Type II diabetes and/or advanced rheumatoid arthritis can now purchase insoles designed solely for their conditions. The new Butterfly Insoles control friction buildup and reduce the impact of forces to the feet, according to the company Riecken’s Orthotic Labs. The company notes that the modern visco-elastic gel of the inserts helps absorb excessive forces of deceleration that often plague ssusceptible patients. The manufactuer says the insoles mold themselves to the plantar contour of the foot. Given the way the insoles fit the foot, the company notes this design can help you reduce ulcer formation. The insoles are layered with two durable materials to help patients ambulate and reduce excessive force. For more information on this product, circle 330 on your reader service card, call (812) 476-8006 or visit the company website at www.footcomfortworld.com.

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