How To Improve Efficiency And Cut Costs With Digital Technology

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Exploring Cost-Effective Alternatives In Postage

There are alternatives to making the traditional trip to the post office or paying for the postage meter. Online services provide postage at minimal cost. is very easy to use with a very modest monthly fee and of course the cost of postage. It can link directly to one’s online address book or even the practice management system. It is easy to print postage on envelopes and postage with labels for both letters and packages.

The postage cost is charged to the credit card. One can track usage and print out a report of exactly where each penny of postage went.

The alternative is, which is run by the U.S. Postal Service. There is no monthly fee. However, this does have several additional steps when it comes to printing out stamps or mailing labels with postage for packages. One advantage is that USPS will pickup outgoing mail and packages.

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Dr. Werber and his staff frequently use text messaging and instant messaging to communicate during office hours. Instead of putting a message on a pad, a staff member can immediately type it online and send it to the cell phone of the doctor.
Are paper charts a thing of the past? Using a combination of scanners, paper management software and digital cameras goes a long way toward eliminating paper in patient charts.
By Bruce Werber, DPM

   We now scan all of our EOBs as they come in with the checks so we can discard the paper version after posting and cashing the checks. Our office has also scanned old payroll and tax records, invoices, bank statements and checks.

In Conclusion

   As a result of these changes, we have regained space in several storage closets and have greatly improved office efficiency. Now we can easily find documents at minimal expense and within a minimal amount of time. We are gradually eliminating all of the paper that typically accumulates in a medical office.

Dr. Werber is a Fellow and Past President of the American College of Foot and Ankle Surgeons.

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