New Products

A Lighter Step

   Patients need to stay off their feet while recovering from various types of sprains and a new walker may let them do just that.    The StepLite® Easy Air Pneumatic-Gel Ankle Walker has a pneumatic gel “bladder” that contains multiple air and gel cells. These cells can be inflated and deflated to facilitate support and comfort, according to the manufacturer FLA Orthopedics.    The company notes the product is ideal for treating acute or severe ankle sprains, severe ankle or foot strains, lower extremity soft tissue injuries, and stress or stable fractures of the foot or ankle.    The inflatable cells of Easy Air adjust to accommodate compression and its design accommodates changes due to swelling, according to the company. In addition, the air-gel bladder is removable and can fit in a liner pocket. One may also cool the pneumatic gel bladder for cold therapy. The company adds that the liner is soft and breathable to wick moisture away from patients’ skin and patients can walk with a natural gait due to the non-slip bottom.    Company: FLA Orthopedics    Product: StepLite® Easy Air Pneumatic-Gel Ankle Walker    For more info, circle 399 on your reader service card

A Simple Splint

   When patients remain immobile following surgery, DPMs may want to consider a simple splint that may save time in the office.    The manufacturer, 3 Foot Tech, says one can use the new splint to immobilize a toe or metatarsal following fractures or post-op alignment.    The splint fits any toe or metatarsal, according to the company, and one can alter the material with scissors in case of special problems. The company notes the T-shaped plantar panel is rigid and the splint’s wings are flexible, permitting size adjustment.    The antimicrobial fabric of the splint eliminates odor and transfers heat to keep patients cool in summer and warm in winter, according to 3 Foot Tech. The company adds that patients readily accept the splint because special shoes are not necessary and patients can wear the splints while bathing.    Company: 3 Foot Tech    Product: 3 Foot Tech Splint    For more info, circle 400 on your reader service card

Total Contact For Total Protection

   There is a new type of multi-density insert for enhanced patient protection.    The new 3P Total Contact Inserts offer tri-laminate materials, according to the manufacturer, Pedors. The company says the top layer is 1/8-inch of polyethylene foam, the middle layer is 1/16-inch of Poron and the base layer is 3/16-inch of EVA.    The insert is available in sizes 5 to 17 and in super sizes 19 and 22. Pedors says CMS has directed that one can code 3P inserts under K0628, depending upon the manner in which they are fitted.    Company: Pedors    Product: 3P Total Contact Inserts    For more info, circle 401 on your reader service card

A Tactile Measurement System

   A range of products can now help analyze and treat patients for every aspect of various plantar conditions.    With Tactilus® foot platform and insole electronic pressure measurement sensors, one may detect, diagnose and monitor patients with plantar abnormalities, according to the manufacturer, Sensor Products, LLC.    The company says the product can generate in-depth statistical information as well as dynamic 2-D and 3-D profile images for foot mapping. Sensor Products says the technology can be useful in screening diabetic and neuropathic patients, assessing the effectiveness of orthotics, and performing a pre- and postsurgical comparative analysis.    One can also use the Tactilus system to perform dynamic pressure profiling to evaluate shoe-to-ground interaction related to the diabetic foot, pronation, foot arch and weightbearing capabilities, according to Sensor Products.    Company: Sensor Products, LLC    Product: Tactilus®    For more info, circle 402 on your reader service card

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