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Brace Yourself

   For injured patients who need supportive and comfortable braces, clinicians may want to give an established product line another look.    The Aircast line of pneumatic walking braces, including the XP Walker (extra pneumatic), FP Walker (foam pneumatic) and SP Walker (short pneumatic), have been improved. The improved braces were unveiled recently at the annual meeting of the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons.    In order to provide enhanced support and protection, the braces feature adjustable aircells that line a semi-rigid shell, according to Aircast. The company adds that each brace also offers a low rocker sole and a wider foot base to accommodate dressings.    Aircast says the improved ergonomic design of the braces will encourage more compliance in patients. The XP Walker also features the Duplex aircell system, which facilitates “superior edema reduction from intermittent pneumatic compression,” according to the manufacturer.    Company: Aircast    Product: Pneumatic Walking Braces    For more info, circle 399 on your reader service card.

Guarding Against Water And Infection

   Once hallux surgery is successful, patients still need a product that will help them through the postoperative period and avoid potential pitfalls.    The Digicot® Hallux Aqua Guard keeps patients’ great toes dry following surgery and also protects against infection, according to the manufacturer O’Brien Development. The shower kit has one layer of protection and the beach/pool kit has two layers, according to the company. It adds that both kits are latex free.    O’Brien Development emphasizes that the Digicot protects patients from community-acquired, antibiotic-resistant infections and keeps surgical sites clean while patients enjoy normal activities.    The company says Digicots can also provide water protection for patients after a matrixectomy, wart excision, soft tissue surgery or application of a topical antifungal.    Company: O’Brien Development    Product: Digicot® Hallux Aqua Guard    For more info, circle 400 on your reader service card.

Suspending Heels And Healing Ulcers

   Given the increasing prevalence of diabetes and its associated complications, preventing heel ulcers is particularly important in this patient population.    Look no further than the HealWell® Soft Ease Multi-AFO/Heel Suspender. The device has a resilient plastic shell base that holds the patient’s foot in complete suspension, floating the heel in an air cavity with no contact, according to the device’s manufacturer, FLA Orthopedics.    The company says the suspender eliminates pressure, promotes air circulation and may prevent ulcers.    When it comes to treating conditions like drop foot, the company says employing the device is helpful in that it facilitates correct foot positioning. FLA Orthopedics says the product also ensures alignment of the foot with the lower leg, minimizing inversion and eversion of the foot.    The company notes the product’s other benefits include the heel suspender’s low bulk design, the use of extra padding for the Achilles area and the device’s soft material that wicks away moisture.    Company: FLA Orthopedics    Product: HealWell® Soft Ease Multi-AFO/Heel Suspender    For more info, circle 401 on your reader service card.

For The Record

   As electronic medical records technology continues to evolve, a charting product evolves to meet the needs of podiatric practices.    Charting Plus 4.5 is the eighth upgrade to the original Charting Plus, which debuted in 1997. MediNotes says the enhancements to Charting Plus include:    • enhanced control of batch printing functionality;    • a more organized method of importing lab results;    • a new Object Navigator to facilitate easier use of Object Explorer; and    • the ability to customize letterhead.    One may integrate Charting Plus 4.5 with Primetime Medical Software’s Instant Medical History. Doing so enables patients to electronically enter their own medical information and complete the history and chief complaint sections of Charting Plus. The Instant Medical History will save DPMs about four minutes per patient, according to the company.    Company: MediNotes Corp.    Product: Charting Plus 4.5    For more info, circle 402 on your reader service card.

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